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Sea Front Properties

Beachfront villas always have a high market value compared to other real estate. The demand is higher than supply because the beachfront space is limited, meaning the resale value of these properties is incomparable. The effect of swimming in the sea or in your own pool, jogging along the coastal path, sunbathing, breathing in the salty sea air and feeling relaxed to the sound of the waves can’t be overestimated for one’s mental, emotional and physical health. 


Cyprus has some absolutely stunning sea front locations and amazing properties to choose from. If you would like us to help you select the best options, please get in touch.

Panoramic views

Cyprus is famous for its stunning views! Whether it’s the ever changing vastness of the Mediterranean, the misty velvet hills or the pine covered mountains, the quaint little villages or the city scape, there is always plenty of properties that will sooth your eyes with amazing panoramic views. They can be both villas and apartments, in either one of the island’s main cities, their picturesque suburbs or slightly more remote locations.


Getting excited about living the dream life and enjoying the amazing views every day? Browse here and contact us for the best options available on the market.

City Center Properties

The city lifestyle has a unique appeal that suburban and rural living doesn’t offer. With its hustle and bustle, energy and drive, plethora of amenities at hand and job opportunities, it might be just what you were looking for. One of the undoubted benefits of living in the city centre is that you find yourself close to all the urban amenities, the best medical and educational facilities in the country, enjoying a variety of live events and some fine dining options. 


If you are contemplating moving to or investing in the city properties, we would be happy to discuss with you all the pros and cons and select the best options if the pros are overweighing.

Apartments in Cyprus

Whether for reasons of affordability, location or amenities, if you choose to buy an apartment, it can be a perfect home or investment asset in Cyprus for you. To start with, many residential complexes in Cyprus, especially in seaside towns and suburbs, will have a communal swimming pool, a playground, a gym and other amenities to enjoy, while some of the modern luxury towers and apartment complexes would take that to a whole new level and offer restaurants, spa, boutiques, concierge services and more. 

With such a vast variety of options available on the market, there is sure to be your perfect apartment. We would be happy to help you find it!

Villas in Cyprus

A villa on a Mediterranean island is, probably, a dream for many. And Cyprus doesn’t disappoint. Unlike many overpopulated countries with mostly urban developments, the country has plenty of land for private villas in different locations. You could select premium villas, where you could enjoy uninterrupted sea views, generous plots, swimming pool, landscaped garden and other luxuries, or go more on a budget but still live comfortably in your own little heaven in a southern country. 

The market has plenty of ready villas to choose from as well as off plan options which you can adjust to your lifestyle, taste and budget.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary homes create and maintain a harmonious balance between design, structural efficiency and overall aesthetic value. They utilize space as efficiently as possible and bring harmony to the entire structure. This includes maximizing airflow and minimizing transitional spaces, extending the indoor space into the surrounding environment, giving extra attention to natural light levels. A good contemporary home design will consider space both in and around the house and the local environment.


If you are looking for clear modern architectural lines,

do not hesitate to contact us for different contemporary options in Cyprus.


Gated Community

One of the primary reasons people choose to live in a gated community is for safety and security. Only residents and verified guests can enter through the guarded or electric security gates. There would also normally be CCTV cameras for 24/7 surveillance, electronic fences, intercom systems. As the community only gives access to residents and invited guests, you can have your own space away from any hustle, intruders or trespassers and go about your daily life without having to worry about the outside world.


Cyprus has a few amazing projects in this market area and we would be happy to present to you the best properties available to suit your requirements.

Golf Properties in Cyprus

Residential golf course properties generally have eco-friendly and modern master planning and flawless design, as well as immaculate quality attached to the prestige of this real estate niche. If you ever decide to put your home up for sale, you may find that the resale value is excellent, because homes within golf course communities are highly sought after. Cyprus, with its mild winters and available infrastructure, steady inflow of tourists and well established construction sector is a perfect place for developing golf industry and can already offer some amazing golf properties.


Should you wish to have more information about Cyprus golf opportunities and golf resort properties, please get in touch.

High Rises

The major advantage of living in a high-rise tower is that it gives you unobstructed scenic views. And, in case of Cyprus, these scenic views are often uninterrupted sea views. High-rises are usually located in prestigious neighbourhoods that offer good connectivity and security. They would definitely have a communal swimming pool with a nice relaxation area, often located on the roof, a gym, often a SPA and even resident’s only clubs and other facilities.


If you would like to receive more information about high rise tower properties in Cyprus please contact us and we would be happy to help you.

Country Living

Country living has a lot of advantages, such as private and safe environment, pollution-free fresh air, quiet atmosphere, hospitality of the neighbours, affordability of the country properties, comfortable and spacious housing. Unlike many other countries, Cyprus has a well developed infrastructure in most rural areas, so you would not be left without electricity, internet or food supplies. Plus, considering the size of the island, all locations are not far between and a short drive will take you to the nearby town for more amenities and wider shopping opportunities.


If you believe country living is for you, please contact us and get the best offers available on the island.


Penthouses in Cyprus

The penthouses in Cyprus are not just uppermost floor apartments in high rise buildings, but also apartments located on the top floors of 5-6-storey buildings. They offer marvelous panoramic views of the mountain or the Mediterranean Sea, or city panorama. Such apartments have all qualities of penthouses in the classic sense like first-line location by the sea, roof gardens and pools, interior solutions from world-famous designers, high-level technical equipment, and, most importantly, they give their owners privacy.


If you want to enjoy the prestigious homes on top of the world, we can select for you some beautiful penthouses with views to amaze.

Resale Properties in Cyprus

Cyprus Sotheby's International Realty collection of resale properties includes only high quality and problem-free units. Our professional experts handle each property personally and will be able to choose the best resale market options for the requirements of each client. Please note that we do not work with resale units that have legal, financial or construction issues.

If you want to buy property in Cyprus without VAT, with furniture and white goods, completely ready to move in or rent out from the moment of purchase, then resale property will be an excellent option!

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