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Akamas National Park: Important information for tourists

  • 18.01.2022

The beautiful Mediterranean island is not only a heaven for relaxing holidays on the beach or the land of varied Cyprus real estate options, but also a place of unique nature spots. The Akamas National Park is the best place to explore some of them. There you can not only discover the amazing Cyprus flora and fauna, but you also relax on the beautiful beaches, swim, snorkel, and take hundreds of photographs to remind you of the wonderful experience. Learn more about why Akamas is so amazing, what to see in the park and how to get there.

What to see and do in Akamas National Park?

The first reason to include the Akamas Peninsula in your Cyprus holiday itinerary is the opportunity to admire unspoilt nature. The 230 km2 nature reserve has hundreds of unique plants that are only endemic to this area, such as the strawberry tree or the huge orchids and the pink-purple peonies. The same situation applies to fauna: the island is home to the rare Vultura griffins, the symbols of Cyprus, the mouflon, and 16 species of butterflies of exceptional beauty. Learn more about the unique flora and fauna of Cyprus in this article. This is only the beginning of the Akamas Park experience...

1. Sunbathing with rare turtles

The most popular beach in Akamas is Lara. Here you can not only swim but also admire the rare species of green and loggerhead turtles. They hang out near the beach in spring and summer, swimming closer to the land to lay eggs. To see the adult turtles on the beach is almost impossible, as they are very shy and come ashore mostly at night. But you can have fun watching the baby turtles hatch from their eggs and head towards the sea. As for the beach itself, it is almost deserted and is safe even with children, but you must follow two rules:

  • It is forbidden to remove the protective baskets placed over the turtle egg clutches or otherwise harm the animals;
  • It is forbidden to put up beach parasols.

2. Explore the beauty of the Blue Lagoon underwater world

The Blue Lagoon is another reason to visit Akamas as there is plenty to see, both above and below water. All tourists come here with goggles and snorkelling masks. Even a shallow dive reveals the unique underwater world of the Mediterranean.

On and around the beach itself there are just as many attractions, beautiful rock formations and steep cliffs, crystal clear turquoise waters, and beautiful yachts cruising the coast. You can take a ride on pleasure boats, which are always available near the shore during the holiday season, and appreciate the beauty of the Blue Lagoon from the sea as well. It is worth mentioning that Cyprus has another Blue Lagoon located near Ayia Napa.

3. Enjoy the Baths of Aphrodite

Akamas National Park in Cyprus is also home to the legendary baths of Aphrodite, where according to mythology, the Goddess of Beauty herself bathed. The baths are a small body of water, set in a grotto. The water is perfectly clear, so you can see flocks of small fish. There is a small, quiet beach nearby.

Many tourists also visit the Aphrodite Baths to walk the Aphrodite Paths, which are hiking trails that can be covered in 2-4 hours. The trails take you up from the coast to the mountains and provide an aerial view of the azure bays.

Akamas: how to get there

For the most comfortable and quickest way to get to Akamas, choose to stay in the nearby towns of Polis or Paphos. There are three forms of transport from these towns to the protected area and its main attractions:

  • By boat. The harbour of Latchi, close to Polis, is a starting point for regular boat trips to the Blue Lagoon. There are city buses and taxis available to take you from Polis to the port. The cost of a boat trip for an adult is €15-25 and for a child €5-10 (prices vary depending on the time of year and the class of boat chosen). The boat offers free juices or ice cream, although the entire journey is only 30 minutes one way. The same boat takes tourists back to Latchi port after 2 hours.
  • By car. Owning your own car is a great way to get a closer look at Akamas. Any guide will tell you how to get to the reserve. Head out of Paphos on the E-107 road and on the outskirts of Polis take the Fontana Amorosa road towards Latchi harbour. For a drive through the reserve itself, an off-road vehicle is recommended, as with a normal passenger car you will need to park and hike. See this link for information on how to rent a car in Cyprus.
  • By bus. From Polis, take bus number 622 which will take you directly to the Baths of Aphrodite. The journey takes no more than 20 minutes and costs €2. You can also walk from the baths to the Blue Lagoon.

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