Nicosia is the colourful capital of the European island state, which captivates you with its flavor, as well as the opportunity to do business and invest in affordable real estate. Cyprus is a relatively small country and a significant part of the business is concentrated here. Its central streets are home to hundreds of international companies’ headquarters that conduct business around the world with minimal taxation. There are especially many IT companies in Nicosia, as Cyprus offers preferential tax treatment for them.

Nicosia real estate: Life style and investment benefits

  • Friendly locals. Nicosia is a very calm and peaceful city, which is not surprising since Cyprus as a whole is the country with the lowest crime rate in Europe;
  • Mild climate and amazing nature. Mediterranean air is very comfortable for life and good for health. The city is located in a beautiful valley between the two mountain ranges of Troodos and Kyrenia, so the sea breeze is complemented by mountain notes;
  • Affordable property prices. Nicosia offers a wide range of residential properties in a wide variety of types and prices. If you are planning to buy real estate in Nicosia, our specialists will help you choose the best option in accordance with your requirements and available budget;
  • Good infrastructure. Entertainment complexes, shopping centers, shops, restaurants, bars - all this is available to residents and tourists of the city throughout the year;
  • Nicosia has a number of unique attractions, including fascinating museums (archaeological, artistic and decorative arts museum) and Orthodox shrines (St. John's Cathedral is one of the main temples of the city);
  • Laiki Geitonia Quarter in the old town is a favorite spot for locals and tourists, where you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the last century and taste traditional cuisine in numerous restaurants and cafes of the quarter;
  • The capital of Cyprus is famous for its interesting souvenirs - ceramics, carpets and jewelry are some of the traditional ones.

Nicosia is a colorful combination of Greek and Turkish culture with European service. All this makes it a very special place to live and a profitable place to invest in real estate in Cyprus.

Our specialists will help you choose the best option - the experience of our employees in the Cyprus property market amounts to more than 20 years.