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Alternative citizenship: from luxury to necessity

  • 26.05.2020

The economic crisis predicted in the post-pandemic period could seriously increase the number of investment migrants from emerging economies. Obtaining a second citizenship for high-income people from these countries will no longer be a luxury. In a situation where the domestic economy of the citizenship applicant experiences long-term depression, a second citizenship will become a necessity in order to secure the future of their families. The economic reasons of migration might play key role in decision making when choosing citizenship for investment.

  • Which programmes will become the most attractive?

Of course, these are going to be programs with fairly low investment threshold, programs that offer serious protection against extreme taxation in the potential investor’s country of origin, programmes with a high degree of civil liberties protection, as well as the possibility of visa-free travels to other countries.

  • The requirements for alternative citizenship countries will remain unchanged. Those are: high level of political and economic stability, high level of banking, business environment, legal and tax systems, international standards educational system and established healthcare system.
  • What programmes will be out of competition? Those with long term residence requirements and lengthy procedures for obtaining the citizenship.

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