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  • 14.04.2020

Did you plan to buy property in Cyprus but the quarantine interfered with your plans? No, it didn’t! It actually gave you the opportunity to address this question now, without putting it off. The most valuable thing now is time and we suggest not to waste it.

Time to study. Staying at home allows you time to research the Property that works best for you. Use this time wisely to study the market, offers, prices and registration procedures. Make this time works for you, do not waste it!

Time to get information. Real estate experts who are currently not busy doing property viewings are entirely at your disposal! They devote all their time to conducting online consultations. We are here to answer all your queries/concerns and guide you through the answers. All consultations are free, unrushed and non-committal. Take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Time to make a choice. The selection of real estate that best suits your goals and budget, can be conducted online. Online presentations provide an opportunity to see a lot more properties than real viewings. Thanks to amazing modern technologies you can see properties as if you were personally present at the viewing. Online booking also helps to save a lot of time. By the time others just start considering their options, you will already be in the process of applying for and obtaining Citizenship or a Permanent Residence permit, which is also possible to arrange online.

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