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Cyprus opens air traffic in June

  • 19.05.2020

The Government of Cyprus is preparing to lift restrictions on air traffic with other countries. First, flights will be open with those countries where Covid-19 situation does not cause concern. Some destinations, like the UK and Italy, will remain out of reach for now. Passengers from Greece, Austria, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, and Israel may become the first arrivals in Cyprus after the quarantine lift. In these countries the spread of the pandemic has been successfully contained, and governments are preparing to sign agreements allowing their citizens to travel between these countries.

When and how the airports of Cyprus will begin to operate will become known in the nearest future. It is expected that new safety rules will be introduced for arriving and departing flights. The number of passengers on board can possibly be reduced. Passengers will also be required to observe strict safety measures. What exactly these measures will be depends on the decision of the European Union, which is currently trying to establish the conditions for citizens to be able to travel this year. There is a possibility of tests for Covid-19 introduced or the mandatory “health certificates”.

While everyone is still waiting for the air traffic to open, it is a great time to consider immigration investment programs and choose the relevant properties. Just leave your request and our consultants will contact you.

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