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Golf property in Cyprus: tourism and investment

  • 30.07.2021

Golf firmly occupies one of the highest places in the ranking of European most popular sports. This popular aristocratic game is associated with sophistication, status, concentration, green fields and prestigious real estate in golf resorts. At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing difficult – all you do is hit the ball with a club and send it to the hole. However, that is just the first impression. Everyone who has ever had a go at it begins to realise the complexity of the game. Once you manage to drive your first ball into the hole, you are smitten and in love with the game forever.

Playing golf: features and important notes

Everything is important in golf – the positioning of your legs, the grip of the club, the correct swing, the body balance during movements, the equipment and its quality, the grass height, the surface of the field. ... In order to learn to play golf you will need many lessons with an instructor and a lot of practice, but time spent playing will have a beneficial effect on the health of every player. Golf is about fresh clean air, movement, calmness, communication with like-minded people. All these factors together have a positive effect on a person.

On average, a game lasts 4-5 hours, during which the players must go through the entire field, sending the ball from hole to hole. A standard golf course has 9 or 18 holes. In order to complete the entire field from the first hole to the eighteenth hole, the players are given 72 strokes. The less hits you make, the better. Moving from hole to hole, players either walk on foot or use a special golf car. As for carrying golf equipment, the most convenient way would be a special golf bag. Golf courses vary in size, reaching up to several hectares. The grass on the golf course can be of different height in different areas, and there can also be various obstacles in the form of trees, bushes, streams, sand or stone bunkers etc. Each hole has its own specific number, the numbers are divided into sectors, each sector of the golf course has its own movement pattern.

Golf: a bit of history

For some, golf is a getaway from the hustle and bustle, for others it is part of a prestigious lifestyle, and for some people golf becomes the meaning of life, or at least a big part of it, so golf tourism becomes the best choice for relaxation and getting satisfaction from your favourite game.

It may seem that golf has been popular for ever and ever, in fact, historians find it difficult to prove when golf first appeared. They say that golf may have been invented by medieval shepherds who, out of boredom during the pasture of their flocks, began to hit the stones with their sticks. Others argue that golf is an improved version of the thirteenth century Danish game called kolf. One way or another, today it is a very popular game that people play all over the world, more and more golf courses are being built, professional golf tournaments are held etc. At the moment there are over 30 thousand golf courses around the world, most of which are located in America, but the largest one is in China, Mission Hills near Hong Kong. Golf courses in Spain, Switzerland, Japan, Portugal, France and Cyprus are very popular among golf lovers.

Popular golf resorts in Cyprus

Cyprus is a perfect country for sports and golf is one of the most popular on the island. Cyprus has several golf resorts that beckon fans of this particularly addictive game.

Minthis Golf Resort

Minthis Resort is a unique golf course set in Cyprus natural reserve area, which boasts luxurious residences, a cozy clubhouse, a gourmet restaurant and a golf academy, teaching golf to all ages. Minthis is a lovely venue for various themed events, concerts, dinners, professional and corporate golf tournaments, weddings and christenings.

Right on the territory of the Minthis golf course there is an ancient monastery which gave name to the resort. The amazing views of the mountains and greenery that surround Minthis Golf Course are soothing to the eye at any time of the year, which is why Minthis Resort is so popular with golfers around the world. Going from hole to hole at Minthis is an unforgettable experience and a whole new perspective on life in general and golf in particular.

The uniqueness of the Minthis golf course lies in the amazing harmony of the natural landscape and manicured fruit groves. The holes at Minthis are nestled among almonds, vines, olive trees and other plants. This is truly a peaceful place, and after the first game you will want to come back here again and again. To this end, the resort offers unique residences – truly elite real estate in Cyprus.

Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort

This Cyprus golf resort is very popular as it offers a five-star hotel with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. Apart from the hotel, the Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort has apartments and villas for rent and purchase. This is a great place for the mental and physical health of the whole family. Guests and guests of the golf resort have access to:

  • championship-level golf course with 18 holes, 6,289 meters in length
  • clubhouse, restaurant and shop
  • academy of tennis and football
  • spa resort with 27 rooms
  • equestrian and archery
  • medical centre and physiotherapy centre
  • supermarket, bakery, pharmacy, shops, bars and restaurants
  • pool and gym
  • chapel

Secret Valley Golf Resort

This cozy Cyprus golf resort offers a choice of 5-star hotel residences, private apartments or luxury villas. Golfers can enjoy the 18-hole championship course designed by Tony Jacklin and mingle with like-minded people at the club. The resort has a golf academy for children and a golf shop, so all the equipment you need can be purchased on site. The golf resort offers a full-fledged vacation for the whole family, therefore, in addition to golf, vacationers have access to:

  • horseback riding
  • tennis
  • football
  • spa resort and physiotherapy treatments
  • pool and fitness room
  • numerous bars and restaurants

Investment in golf property in Cyprus

Golf professionals love to attend tournaments on the Mediterranean island, as you can play your favourite game here virtually all year round. Many people choose golf properties in Cyprus as a second home for their families, investing in completed or developing golf projects on the island. Mediterranean sea, comfortable climate, professional golf courses and luxury residences make the purchase of golf real estate in Cyprus not only a stylish but also a profitable investment. The Cyprus Sotheby’s International Realty database lists unique golf projects, among which you can choose both ready-made and off plan golf apartments and villas. A new golf resort in Limassol is soon to join the family of Cyprus courses, the development has already started and the pre-launch sale of real estate (land plots and apartments with different numbers of bedrooms) was open. This project has proved to be very success among investors since its launch because:

  • The developer offers favourable prices at the start of sales.
  • The project is part of an exclusive urban development master plan for Cyprus.
  • It will be the only Cyprus golf resort with residential properties in the city.
  • Design and construction are handled by reliable, reputable companies that have already managed to implement many advanced mixed-use projects.
  • The famous golf course architect K. Robinson was involved in the design of an 18-hole golf course with a length of 6.404 meters.

Investing in this golf property in Cyprus allows you to obtain a residence permit in Cyprus for the whole family. Our experts will help you choose the best investment option for golf real estate in Cyprus, provide free consultations, as well as online and offline viewings of selected properties. We welcome all lovers of the aristocratic game in Cyprus!


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