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Hospitable Airports in Cyprus

  • 21.12.2021

There are two ways to reach the island of Cyprus, by water or by air. As a fully-fledged maritime centre, Cyprus welcomes every tourist. However, by air the journey will be quicker and more comfortable - the island's airports offer all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay and travel. Cyprus has two main airports - Larnaca and Paphos, of which Larnaca airport is considered the largest. Cyprus also has several military airbases and one airport in Northern Cyprus, which is not part of the European Union and therefore of little interest to visitors and investors aiming for Europe.

Larnaca Airport is the main and largest airport in Cyprus

Larnaca airport is the largest airport in Cyprus and has two terminals - the new passenger terminal and the old terminal for VIPs and charter flights. It offers the island's visitors all kinds of services: a delicious snack or a refreshing cup of coffee, duty-free shopping, tourist arrivals, and much more.

Paphos Airport is a welcoming gateway to the cultural heart of the island

Paphos Airport welcomes far fewer tourists than Larnaca Airport. However, despite fewer passengers, the level of service provided at the airport is very high. Within the airport, one can find cash machines, cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops and a variety of rental shops, a mother and baby room as well as a first aid station. Paphos Airport is situated 6km south-east of the ancient and beautiful city of Pafos which is considered to be the cultural centre of Cyprus. For this reason, the airport welcomes visitors to cultural events, often held in the city. The airport operates in a GMT (winter/summer) time zone: +2/+3 and has one large terminal, which welcomes tourists and property owners to Pafos.

Cyprus Airports: Upcoming changes and prospects

Cyprus' two largest and most important airports, Paphos airport and Larnaca airport, are constantly improving their services in order to welcome those passengers from all over the world who come to the island in search of a sunny and comfortable holiday despite the restrictions of the pandemic. In general, airport modernisation is a prerequisite for achieving a certain level of passenger throughput at each airport. Airports, as the air gateway to Cyprus, must meet the needs of the community and provide maximum service quality to every passenger. Cyprus airports are now very close to achieving such a level, so changes need to be thought about now. The most important thing is to provide the necessary speed of air travel and services within the airport. For example, the increase of the number of boarding gates for passengers with biometric passports as well as express boarding facilities improvement at Paphos airport are now being discussed.


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