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Move to Cyprus if you want to live longer

  • 05.07.2018

Most Cypriots under 60 have all chances to live till their 90s if the tendency continues.

The recent Eurostat data show that Cyprus population has one of the longest life expectancies in Europe. Between 2007 and 2016 it has increased, on average, by three years.

The male part currently lives till about 80,5 years, while the ladies live 4,4 years longer (84,9 years) and they are the fifth longest living among Europeans.

The overall average life expectancy of Cypriots is 82.7 years according to 2016 data, which is 1.7 years more the average in EU.

The average life expectancy in the EU among women is 83.6 years and 78.2 years for men.

Moreover, Cyprus has been ranked 18 out of 163 countries on the Bloomberg Global Health Index. The island, which scored 89.17 out of 100, and Singapore with 94.11 in position 4, were the only two non-OECD countries to make it into the top 20

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