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Property Renovation Before Putting it up for Sale

  • 21.08.2021

Do you want to add value to your property? Or perhaps you have decided to do interior renovation professionally? Then you need to find out how to properly bring an apartment, house or apartment to a presentable state. Real estate in Cyprus with its modern designs and a convenient layouts is a good investment, and can be sold or rented for significantly higher price if you can make the unit look more attractive by renovating it. Read further to find out the best renovation trips and tricks

What is interior renovation?

Renovation is essential while preparing the property for sale or rent. It will allow you to sell any type of real estate at the most favourable price. The bottom line is to make the unit attractive to potential buyers in the shortest possible time, with minimal financial investment and minimal effort.

Renovation is necessary for almost all residential properties - from inexpensive ones to luxurious and unique. All major types of real estate, from a studio apartment to a beach villa in Cyprus, need renovation if it has to go up for sale. The differences is only in the amount of investment. It doesn't matter how good the condition of the house or apartment is, if someone lived there before the unit needs to be renovated, "refreshed".

7 tips for pre-sale renovation of resale properties: 7 tips

Pre-sale preparation of resale property doesn’t mean a total redevelopment or rebuilding. The following basic guidelines will help you properly prepare a house or apartment for sale:

1. Don't start major redevelopment or change layout as in most cases it is not justified. Any layout can be made attractive and functional, but changing it will entail huge financial costs. So revert to it only if such changes are absolutely necessary. Therefore, before taking any radical steps, it is worth consulting with real estate market professionals. Besides, changing the layout of resale properties in Cyprus requires the approval of government authorities.

2. Don't splurge. When preparing properties for sale, do not undertake major repairs (the exception is if the premises are in very poor condition). Just focus on problematic areas and fix them.

3. Don't hide the disadvantages, instead emphasize the advantages. If there are weak points in the house or apartment (for example, a leakage stain or minor wall defects), but you are not able to fix them, then it is worth emphasizing the advantages. Put the right accents and small flaws will not alarm the buyer. The advantage can be a beautiful view from the window, stylish paintings, cozy furniture, good lighting, a fireplace and other interior details.

4. Get an outsider’s opinion. Sometimes it can be difficult to objectively assess a property. In order to have the right assessment of the apartment’s or house’s condition, get a second opinion by contacting a designer or a Cyprus Sotheby's International Realty specialist.

5. Choose classic design. When setting up an apartment or a villa for sale, give preference to neutral, classic combination of colors and shapes. Such combinations will always be in fashion. It should be noted that the real estate in Cyprus is distinguished by its classic, win-win colors, shapes and materials combinations.

6. Remove all traces of pets presence. If pets live or used to live in the house, make sure that there is no evidence of that. Scratched walls, damaged furniture, smells - all this is a no-no!

7. Make sure that the electrical network, plumbing and sewerage systems are working well. Replace any broken or poorly functioning switches, damaged taps, fix problems with the sewer system if any.

Tips for preparing properties for resale in Cyprus

Residential real estate in Cyprus has its own characteristics due to the climate conditions of the island. A common problem for many of apartment, villa, penthouse or mansions owners is high humidity, which makes the premises feel damp. Therefore, it is very important to solve this problem when preparing the property for sale - this will significantly increase the chances of selling it faster and at a higher price.

Real estate in Cyprus is in demand among foreign tenants and investors. Many people dream about owing a property on the island. Therefore, interior renovation in Cyprus is also gaining momentum, and if you have the gift and the time, preparing properties for resale can be both an excellent hobby and a source of income.


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