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Reservoirs and dams in Cyprus: important info, fishing, walks

  • 23.04.2021

Not many know that Cyprus ranks first among European countries in terms of the number of reservoirs per 1 m². The island acquired this position quite recently - until the second half of the last century the main source of fresh water in Cyprus was groundwater, which was, however, penetrable by sea water. Reservoirs and dams in Cyprus began to appear in the 70s of the XX century and soon the situation with fresh water changed significantly.

Reservoirs in Cyprus are not only a source of fresh water, but also excellent fishing spots and scenic walks. Here you could spend a whole day with friends, loved ones or family. Beautiful nature and amenities will make sure that the dams will make a long lasting impression. We recommend adding at least one dam to your list of places to visit in Cyprus. Which dams in Cyprus are worth your attention, we will consider in detail in this article.

Reservoirs and dams in Cyprus that are worth visiting

There are about a hundred dams and reservoirs on the island. We have selected five of the most beautiful of them, which will be interesting to visit, both for fishing enthusiasts and connoisseurs of beautiful nature.

  • Germasogeia. When choosing a property in Limassol, you should definitely consider visiting this place. The reservoir is located in a small village bearing the same name. The reservoir is striking in its size - its capacity is almost fourteen million m³. Germasogeia is a great place to walk - there are hiking trails along the dam. A large number of cozy equipped picnic places are also set up near the reservoir, where you can have fun with your family or friends. The flora and fauna of this place is also fascinating - many rare birds live around, which can be watched with binoculars. For those who are looking for more active time there is a sports base with kayak rental, fishing tackle, rowing training etc.
  • Kalavasos. It is located near Larnaca, therefore it is a must-see for all those who have chosen property in Larnaca for their holidays in Cyprus. It is a very popular destination for tourists and fishermen. Many dams in Cyprus are built on rivers. Kalavasos is one of them. A wide variety of fish species are found here, including carp, perch, tilapia and others. Such reservoirs in Cyprus are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a quiet and serene time away from noisy cities and crowds. People come here to relax and reboot.
  • Kalopanayiotis. The easiest way to get to this reservoir (located in the village having the same name) is from the capital of the island. If you bought a property in Nicosia, this reservoir can become one of your favorite places to visit. Kalopanayiotis is one of the first artificial reservoirs built on the island. It has such beautiful nature and a calm atmosphere that you can’t help falling in love with it. There is a trout farm near the reservoir with a specialty restaurant. Here you can taste fresh, tasty and healthy dishes from the farm's own produce. This reservoir is one of the best to visit with a familiy. When going to Kaloponayiotis, do not forget to visit the old monastery in the village.
  • Achna. One of the largest reservoirs near Famagusta, this reservoir is located practically on the "green line" dividing the island into the Greek and Turkish parts.There is an animal park near the reservoir. It will be especially interesting for children - in the park you can not only watch animals, but also ride donkeys. Only sport fishing is allowed on Achna, which means that if you catch a fish, it must be released.
  • Kannavidou. This beautiful reservoir is located Just over 20 kilometers away from Pafos. The place is not only beautiful, but also well equipped for relaxation -there are picnic and fishing areas, a playground for children and walking trails around. The place will appeal to a wide variety of tastes and ages

Cyprus, a paradise island in the vast Mediterranean sea, will delight its guests with a huge number of beautiful inland waters.

Fishing in the reservoirs of Cyprus

The most popular reservoirs among fishermen in Cyprus are Achna, Germosoyia, Kuris, Dipotamos and others. Fresh waters of Cyprus are rich in a wide variety of fish, for example, catfish, trout, bass, carp. Crayfish are also not uncommon.
Fishing on the island has its own rules that should not be ignored:

  • One fisherman can fish with one rod and one hook. Those who do not adhere to this requirement pay a fine.
  • Fishing from a boat in fresh water is prohibited. Boat fishing enthusiasts can go sea fishing. Pafos harbor, for example, has plenty of such proposals.
  • Those who want to fish on one of the above mentioned or other dams on the island need to purchase a license. There are two types of licenses - universal, which gives access to all fresh water dams of the island, and single, which allows you to fish in a specific one. The second license is much cheaper.

Fishing on the island is relevant all year round. But experienced local fishermen especially recommend March to June, when the fish is most active!


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