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Safety and security, how is Cyprus coping with the pandemic?

  • 28.04.2020

When the borders have closed the owners of Cypriot passports found themselves in advantageous position, having the opportunity to survive the pandemic in one of the safest countries with a reliable medical service system.

According to the research by the Deep Knowledge Group (DKG), Cyprus was ranked 29th among the 40 safest countries of the world and 14th out of 33 European countries. DKG specialists analysed data from 200 countries and regions. The studies took into account the measures taken by the government in terms of financial support for businesses and individual citizens, the level of accessibility to Covid-19 testing and the quality of measures taken to prevent the spread of the infection.

All of the actions taken by the Government of Cyprus under the current conditions can be called timely, effective and efficient. The support of the President himself was especially important. Even the little citizens of the island could appreciate it when Nikos Anastasiadis read them a bedtime story this Easter – it was “The Little Prince” fairy tale by Antuan de Sent Exupery. For those who want to listen, here is the link to the recording in Greek:

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