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Your new hobby - yachting in Cyprus

  • 25.01.2022

Yachting is a relatively young sport and an unusual leisure activity that is gaining popularity among people of all ages. In previous years yachting used to be associated with luxury and was considered a fancy sport for millionaires. Today, however, the number of enthusiasts is growing rapidly, with people from all walks of life among them. Yachting is becoming a hobby, a way of life for lovers of freedom, for those who want to learn new things and combine extreme sports with fun pastime.

Yes, Cyprus has everything for a comfortable life - good infrastructure, luxury real estate, quality villas and apartments in different locations, spas and restaurants, but for those who appreciate not only comfort, relaxation and amenities, but love to feel the drive, the salty wind on their skin, the challenge of the mind and body, yachting is the right thing to do!

Yachting - why Cyprus?

The reasons why you should choose this island to start learning to yacht are endless. Cyprus' extraordinary marinas alone are worth a special mention for lovers of the luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle. In this article, however, we highlight the key points in favour of choosing this sun-kissed Mediterranean island.

  • Ideal climate. The island has all the conditions for a comfortable and safe yachting experience. Mild climate and calm sea await athletes in both winter and summer. Yachting is therefore on the list of popular sports in Cyprus and is available almost all year round.
  • The best training schools. If you are new to yachting, finding a good teacher is essential. This is not a problem in Cyprus. There are plenty of schools which offer quick and effective courses, each of them having a different approach to teaching. Various methods, lengths of courses and costs - you can pick and choose what works for you.
  • Reasonable prices. Yachting courses in Cyprus are famous for their affordable prices. You can find a good course with theory and practice for under a thousand Euros. You can also rent a boat inexpensively on the island for a week, a month or longer. If you're just learning to yacht don't buy a boat straight away, at this stage it's better to rent one.
  • Comfortable accommodation. In Cyprus, there will be plenty to do in between yachting lessons. The island is renowned for its rich cultural life. Concerts, festivals, competitions, restaurants, museums and a host of attractions are all there for you. If you will require a Cyprus residence permit, here is the basic info.

Thus, Cyprus' favourable climate, the best schools, good prices, wide range of leisure activities and comfortable accommodation make it one of the best places to learn to sail.

Learning to sail - never too late

Sailing a yacht can seem like a daunting task to many. And let's face it, to some extent this is true. To really enjoy yachting you need to have a certain knowledge and skills, learn how to react quickly and make decisions. But be brave, dear friends! The brave ones will conquer the sea! If yachting is something that appeals to you, go ahead. The professionals in Cyprus are there to help you.

Generally, a sailing course in Cyprus takes place in three stages:

  • Theory. This is where you learn about yachting safety, basic manoeuvring, sail theory, etc...
  • Practice. Here you learn how to steer your boat in the open Mediterranean.
  • Exams are held during the final stage of practice. Your instructor will assess how well you learned the lessons.

After successfully completing the course you will receive a licence for driving a yacht of international standard. This qualification will allow you to hire and operate a boat anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of yachting?

  • Exciting holidays. Yachting is a great way to have vibrant and unforgettable experiences. In the midst of the vast expanse of water you will experience emotions that are unavailable on land.
  • Long voyages. Once you're familiar with the boat you can gather a group of like-minded people and set sail for other countries and islands. It's worth mentioning that the cost of a holiday at sea won't be more expensive than on land, which makes yachting a great alternative to traditional tourism.
  • New acquaintances. Yachting is also a good way to meet new friends as yachting attracts the most adventurous, active and inspired people.

All modern yachts are very comfortable for on-board life. They are equipped with everything you need for a long stay, so it is pleasant and comfortable to stay on board even for long periods of time. There are some people who choose a yacht as their permanent residence. Well, if you are looking for a thrill and excitement, join the ranks of yachtsmen. It's a world of adventure, and it's open to everyone!


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