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Easter Holidays in Cyprus: Time for Festivities and Traditions

  • 13.04.2023

Easter in Cyprus is a time of joyous celebrations and long-held customs. The locals have a strong attachment to religion, and Easter is one of the most important events on their calendar. It is a unique experience, combining ancient traditions with modern celebrations.

The Epitaphios procession on Good Friday

Good Friday is one of the most solemn days of the Holy Week when churches are filled with flowers. Cypriots mark it by participating in a traditional procession called "Epitaphios". The procession starts at the church, where the priests carry a flower-adorned canopy representing Christ's tomb, followed by the congregation. The procession symbolizes journeying with Christ to his burial site, passing through the streets while church bells ring in mourning. It is a stunning ceremony to take part in.

Holy Saturday – Christ's Resurrection

During the Holy Week leading up to Easter, churches across the country hold services every evening, culminating in a midnight service on Saturday, known as the "Resurrection Service." In honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, church bells ring throughout the country, and people gather to light candles and share the traditional Easter greetings "Christos Anesti" and "Alithos Anesti."

Lambradjia is an old tradition whereby young Cypriots gather in open spaces and burn bonfires and Juda’s effigy.

Red Eggs Tradition

Red eggs are another traditional element of symbolizing Jesus Christ's resurrection. It is believed that the red color represents the blood of Christ. On Easter Sunday, when families gather to celebrate, they play a traditional game in which they tap their red eggs against one another. The winner is the one whose egg remains unbroken. 

Family Reunion

Easter Sunday is a time of joy and festivity with family gatherings and traditional dishes, including lamb souvla - roasted lamb, which is usually cooked on a spit over an open fire, and a traditional Cypriot Easter cheese bread called Flaounes. 

Easter holidays in Cyprus are a time when traditions and customs are celebrated with great pride and devotion, honoring religious history and tradition. Whether you are interested in beautiful churches, traditional Easter delicacies, or exciting cultural celebrations, Cyprus has it all. 

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