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A day in Cyprus - how to have an unforgettable experience on the island in one day

  • 27.01.2021

One day in Cyprus is surely not enough to fully get to know the island and explore all of its natural and man-made sights. However, if there is no chance to stay longer, you can still have unforgettable experience even in 24 hours.

Here are some ideas for spending a day in Cyprus.

Suggestion 1 - walking in the old town

It does not matter which city of Cyprus you find yourself in – every town of this Mediterranean island has something special to wow even an experienced traveller. Cyprus towns are clean and neat, with their narrow streets and small elegant houses… Therefore, you can easily spend a day aimlessly wondering the streets. And if you want some hints, here are some interesting places to see:

  • In Ayia Napa, it is worth visiting the old monastery, which has impressive beautiful architecture.
  • There are two medieval castles in Limassol. One of them is Kolossi, which in medieval times was a stronghold for the Knights Hospitallers. The second is the actual Limassol castle, built on the territory of the city during the Ottoman rule. Visiting these two attractions can easily take up most of your day in Cyprus.
  • In a small location called Protaras, it is worth to visiting the "Magic Dancing Waters" singing fountains in the evening, and the incredible light and music show will leave unforgettable memories.
  • Pafos has a famous open-air archaeological park with ancient mosaics from the 2nd century AD. The park, like the entire city of Paphos, is included in the World Heritage List and is protected by UNESCO.

During such city strolls you may also have a look at the real estate market in Cyprus and sees some options that suit your lifestyle – here you can see some really nice properties. After all, the island has the most pleasant climate for life.

Suggestion 2 – visit the beaches

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean, so there’s no wonder that most tourists visit the country to enjoy the sun and the sea. The best thing about a beach holiday in Cyprus is the safety: most of the beaches are awarded "Blue flags" – a European sign of quality approval, which guarantees their safety for swimming and relaxation. A lot of beaches in Cyprus have smooth entry and gradual gentle deepening of the sea, which makes it safe to swim even with children. The swimming season on the island lasts way over 6 months, from early April to late October, and even in winter spending a day walking along the beach will be very pleasant.

The best Cyprus beaches are in Ayia Napa - 13 “blue flag" ones. For those who prefer something more active than just swimming and sunbathing there are plenty of water sports:

  • The Mediterranean Sea offers snorkelling and scuba diving. Diving in Larnaca, you can visit the famous ship wreck "Zenobia".
  • A great idea for any time of the year is a boat trip. The island looks even more attractive from the sea. Moreover, if you only have one day in Cyprus, the boat can be used to travel between different cities.
  • In cooler weather, you can swap beaches for water parks, which operate almost all year round in all resort cities. If you want to relax after the day on the beach, you can rent an apartment for a night. Properties in Cyprus are very comfortable and boast good quality.

Suggestion 3 - tasting local Mediterranean cuisine

Traditional Cypriot cuisine is very simple yet incredibly delicious. Therefore, when thinking about how to spend one day in Cyprus, you should definitely include a visit to local restaurants in your schedule. The absolute musts to try:

  • moussaka – a mouth watering dish with mince meat, eggplant, potatoes etc, which is best cooked in Cyprus;
  • seafood dishes or simply baked or grilled fish - in Cyprus it is always fresh and incredibly tasty;
  • local wine "commandaria", which is considered to be the oldest in the world.

Suggestion 4 - an excursion trip to enjoy the nature and monuments of Cyprus

For those who don’t want to spend their day walking or sunbathing, this is definitely an interesting option. In this case, you should choose to visit one of the unique natural sites or reserves. Best suited for this purpose:

  • Amathus. This is one of the most important historical sights in Cyprus protected by Unesco, ruins of the ancient city of Amathus.
  • Troodos mountain range where you can ski in winter and admire the beauty of the green slopes in summer. There are many tiny churches and monasteries scattered among the mountains, which are protected by UNESCO.
  • Cape Greco. This is a huge nature reserve with some stunning sea views. It is famous for its sea caves – rock formations of incredible natural beauty.

And if you don’t have any ideas or inspiration as to how you can spend a day in Cyprus, tour operators will come to the rescue. They can book an affordable but fascinating tour "Cyprus in one day", which includes visiting several cities at once.


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