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Pafos Zoo - a unique Mediterranean home for animals and birds

  • 07.03.2021

If you are one of the luckiest persons who are going to spend their holidays in Cyprus, then there is no doubt that Pafos Zoo is the place to be added to the list of the must-visit places. In case your main residential place is a real estate located in Pafos, you should definitely give it a visit. This place will be very attractive to a family with children. Cyprus offers a lot of exciting activities for children, while Pafos Zoo is one of the top places to be visited. But this place will impress not children only - adults will also be excited with the exotic Zoo inhabitants. An unusual way to familiarize yourself with the island's and the world's flora and fauna is to visit Pafos Zoo.

Pafos Zoo: its special features and uniqueness

First of all, it should be noted that Pafos Zoo is the largest one on the island. However, it is not the main advantage. With a very affordable entrance fee, the Pafos Zoo will impress you with its range of amenities, well-designed infrastructure and beautifully set grounds, enjoyable in any season. The reviews confirm the high level of this establishment. Before visiting the Zoo, please check the opening hours since the schedule varies during the year.

Along with birds and animals, the Zoo also features:
• Artificial pounds;
• Big playground;
• Several restaurants offering delicious Mediterranean cuisine;
• Museum of Natural History;
• Different small souvenir shops

The Zoo is famous for its spectacular parrot and owl shows. There are special show theatres which provide you with a maximum view and perfect comfort while you enjoy the show. You can also visit a domestic pet farm, where animals can be fed and petted by visitors so that children can interact and  "communicate" with the animals first hand.

It is interesting to note, that Pafos Zoo was established by a single person, a great lover of wildlife, on the base fo his private collection of over 200 animals.


What kinds of animals and birds can you see in Pafos Zoo?

The Cyprus flora and fauna is very diverse and well represented in the Zoo. In total, almost 70 wild species from all over the world found their home here, some of them are almost impossible to find in their natural environment.

Visitors of Pafos Zoo will see an elephant, white lions, crocodiles, giraffes, flying foxes and many other amazing animals.

You will see birds from all over the world. Black swans, ibises, ostriches and many other birds found their home in the Zoo. If you are a reptile lover, the Pafos Zoo will also impress you with all kinds of snakes and lizards in the local terrarium.


How to get to the Pafos Zoo in Cyprus?

If you are staying in Pafos, then it will be easy for you to find your way to the Zoo.

By the way, did you know that in ancient times this city was the centre of worship of Aphrodite and fertility gods? Numerous spots across the area will tell the story of the times long gone. Real estate located in Pafos, Cyprus reflects all the magnificence and the mystery of this town.

There are several ways to get to the Zoo:

• By organized transfer

Since the Zoo in Pafos is a fairly popular destination for tourists, many hotels and tour operators offer their excursions there. It is really convenient as you will be transferred directly to the Zoo and then taken back. It is easy to choose a tour operator that organizes trips to Pafos Zoo. But first, it is worth finding out if the hotel where you are staying offers such a transfer. Very often, respectable hotels offer this service to their guests for free.

• By public transport

Unfortunately, there are no direct buses routes between Pafos and the Zoo. You will first need to get to Coral Bay and change to bus 616 which goes to the Zoo. On average the trip takes approximately 25 minutes.

• By car

Obviously, this way is the most convenient. We recommend renting a car in case of a long stay in Cyprus. The Zoo offers free parking for those who drive their own cars.

• By Zoo transfer

The Pafos Zoo Administration also offers its visitors organized transfer that can pick you up from Pafos or Limassol. Booking a transfer is very easy - you just need to leave an application on the website or call the Zoo directly.

So, if you want to spend a memorable time among some amazing floral and faunal species, then Pafos Zoo is the best place to visit. A few hours at the Zoo will guarantee impressions and pleasant memories for many years to come.

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