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Rural areas are havens for those looking to live in a private and safe environment.
Being away from the city means you enjoy pollution-free environment, fresh air, quiet atmosphere, safety and hospitality of the neighbours.
Overall crime is significantly lower in the villages than in cities and the people are generally more happy and friendly (which is no wonder, considering that they live in such peaceful and healthy conditions).
Another advantage is the affordability of the country properties in Cyprus. If you are happy with the lifestyle and want to enjoy the benefits of living out of town, you are more likely to have a more comfortable and spacious housing to yourself than you could have ever afforded in the city.
Unlike many other countries, Cyprus has a well developed infrastructure in most rural areas, so you would not be left without electricity, Internet or food supplies. Plus, considering the size of the island, all locations are not far between and a short drive will take you to the nearby town for more amenities and wider shopping opportunities.
Healthwise, you will definitely benefit from the fresh air, walking and jogging in the nature, peace and quiet resulting in better sleep and overall calmer disposition. Not to mention easy availability of organic food, be it your own grown if you are into gardening and farming or bought from your next door neighbor for a fraction of a health store price.


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