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One of the primary reasons people choose to live in a gated community in Cyprus is for safety and security. Only residents and verified guests can enter through the guarded or electric security gates, providing for safety, accountability, and privacy. There would also normally be CCTV cameras for 24/7 surveillance, electronic fences, intercom systems and so on. Extra privacy is equally important. As the community only gives access to residents and invited guests, you can have your own space away from any hustle, intruders or trespassers and go about your daily life without having to worry about the outside world.

Usually gated community in Cyprus provides access to amenities such as golf course or tennis courts, as well as swimming pools and gyms, restaurants and mini-markets etc.

Families with children especially benefit from living in Cyprus gated community. Since there are no open roads with moving traffic, it is safer to allow your kids to play outdoors; you wouldn’t have to worry about them bumping into strangers either. With communal areas set for the kids to play, it is also easier for parents to monitor them.


Cyprus has a few amazing projects in this market area and we would be happy to present to you the best properties available to suit your requirements.

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