Cyprus Permanent Residency through investment programme

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Cyprus is not just nice weather and nice houses. It is also a really comfortable country for living and doing business, considering a well-developed European standard infrastructure, good education and healthcare, soft taxation system and multilingual environment. If you are a citizen of an EU country, you can just move here and start enjoying the benefits. If not, then you have a few relocation options available to secure a peaceful life on the island.


Cyprus Permanent Residency through investment programme can be a very good solution in this case, as it is one of the easiest, fastest and most secure ways to get a legal residence in Cyprus and a new property that can be either a dream home or a profitable investment. With an investment threshold as low as €300 000 + VAT, the residence is granted forever to the three generations of the family. The applicant must be able to produce a clear proof of funds and a clean criminal record, but otherwise, you shouldn’t expect any more bureaucracy – no medical tests, no language exams, no renewal troubles. The status provides many benefits, including access to the social medical insurance, free education for children, reduced taxes and many more.


Considering the multiple benefits and a reasonable investment, this is definitely an opportunity to think about. Should you want to learn more about the criteria, procedures, costs and, most importantly, how to choose the right property, do get in touch with us. Just a few minutes chat on the phone can help you clarify a lot of questions and save you hours of online searching.


Below are some examples of properties that are suitable for the PR criteria, and there are more to choose from in our database. All you need to do is make a request.

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