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Cape Greco: tips for tourists before visiting this unique place

  • 23.02.2022

Cape Greco in Cyprus is one of the most amazing nature spots in the world. Here you can admire unimaginable landscapes, swim in underwater caves and see the azure sea that many travellers are so attracted to. But make sure you go to Cape Greco well prepared. This article explains how to get to the place, what you can see and how to prepare for the trip.

Some background information about Cape Greco

Many tourists are disappointed when they see Cape Greco from a tour bus. Instead of the expected green park you see a landscape of bushes and lonely trees here and there. But the first impressions are deceptive!

The incredible scenery that can be seen from the peaks, the rocky shores, the blue waters of the Mediterranean, the amazing flora and fauna of Cyprus - all this wonderfully comes together at Cape Greco. The cape is about 20 metres high, so the views are spectacular. There are many cliffs on the shoreline, up to 10 metres high, from which even the daredevils dare not jump.

Many say that even in Ayia Napa the sights are not as beautiful as on the cape. Here you can see:

  • Lovers' Bridge. A stone bridge, which is a true wonder of nature.
  • A chapel. A small white temple with a blue roof at the top of the hill - a Mecca for the faithful.
  • The caves. The waters of the Mediterranean Sea have washed beneath the cliff many beautiful caves which can be accessed from both the shore and the water (by scuba diving).
  • Peace and Freedom Monument. A monument depicting soaring birds and symbolising a message of peace and freedom.
  • Lighthouse. Located at the highest point of the cape.
  • Blue Lagoon. One of only two in Cyprus (there is another one near the Akamas Park) that attracts tourists with its clear blue water.

When wishing to visit Cape Greco, one should do the homework and travel well prepared.

Tips from seasoned tourists before visiting Cape Greco

Cape Greco is a rather peculiar holiday spot, as it lacks much of the infrastructure that you are used to on the island. There is no Cyprus property development on the cape, as it is the territory of Cavo Greco National Forest and a British military base.

Heading to the cape you should consider the following tips from seasoned travellers:

  • Only sturdy, thick-soled shoes should be worn on the trip, as there are only dirt roads and rocky paths.
  • Apply sunscreen, as you will be walking in the blazing sun. Take a bottle of sunscreen or a spray with you, so that you can reapply after a swim as well.
  • Wear a hat or cap.
  • To fully enjoy Cape Greco it's best to rent a quad-bike or a small buggy for cross-country riding. A bicycle will not do, as the distances to be covered are quite long.
  • For hiking it's best to follow the Aphrodite Route that leads to all the main attractions of Cape Greco. The height of the trail rises up to 20m above sea level in some places.
  • There are many snakes on the cape, but they are not dangerous if not disturbed.
  • Do not jump into the water from the rocks without first exploring the bottom. Near the Lovers' Bridge there is a nice descent to the sea.
  • If you want to go scuba diving, you can rent the equipment there.
  • You don't have to take food with you. There is a café with delicious local food and affordable prices. Near the chapel there is a nice spot with a gazebo that you can picnic in.
  • You can also spend the night camping at the cape. It will not be easy to find a comfortable place, though, as the area is mountainous and there are practically no plains. However, it is a great idea to spend the night there, as there the views at sunset and sunrise are unbelievable.

Travellers advise going to the cape on your own to get the chance to fully enjoy its beauties. Plus, a trip on your own is considerably cheaper than a guided one.

Cape Greco: How to get there from different cities

Cape Greco is located between the two tourist towns of Cyprus, Ayia Napa and Protaras and can be reached from both by bus:

  • From Ayia Napa: there is a bus no. 101 which runs to Protaras.
  • From Protaras: There is a bus no 102 which goes back to Ayia Napa.

From Larnaca Cape Greco can also be reached by public transport. Take bus no. 711 at the Old Larnaca Hospital stop. Buses are infrequent (every 2-3 hours), so you should check the schedule beforehand. By the way, many tourists like to stay in Larnaca, where properties for rent are cheaper than in Ayia Napa, but the comfort and quality are high.


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