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Cypriots: features of character and mentality

  • 06.10.2021

Cyprus is not only about natural beauty, generous sun and delicious food. One of the best things about the island is its friendly and positive people. The national character of the Cypriots is very similar to the climate of the island - just as nice and warm! More information about the Cypriot character and the peculiarities of the local mentality is further in the article.

5 characteristics of the Cypriot character

Being a Southern nation, Cypriots are known for their leisurely and friendly nature. They are very welcoming and friendly towards tourists because traditionally the locals had an open heart to welcome every traveller and help him in any possible way. So, for many tourists, the local hospitality becomes one of the main impressions. They are made to feel so welcome that some even start considering buying a property in Cyprus and becoming one of the locals.

The main features of the Cypriots’ national character include:

1. They love talking. Sitting in a coffee shop with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and having casual conversations is probably one of the Cypriots’ favourite pastimes. They wouldn’t think twice to ask a foreigner where he came from or how many children he has. Most likely, you will also have to hear some boasts and long stories about them, their children, hobbies etc. The character of these people is definitely not timid or reserved.
2. Slow pace. There is no need to rush to prepare firewood for the harsh winter in Cyprus or harvest crops before the start of the rainy season. The island always has a mild and warm climate, which allows the locals to lead a peaceful and slow life. Most shops and offices close for a 2-hour siesta from 1 pm to 3 pm. However, this does not mean that Cypriots are lazy.
3. Love for food. Tourists are very surprised when they get their plates in Cypriot restaurants - portions are quite large, and sometimes one is enough to feed a few people. This is because Cypriots love to cook and to eat, slowly savouring a variety of mouth-watering dishes and never in a rush to get up from the table. Another passion of theirs is coffee, which they drink almost all day. Even an invitation to a café or someone’s place sound like “let’s have a coffee”
4. Hospitality. As already noted, the Cypriot character implies boundless love for guests, no matter where they come from. It is normal for them to invite a complete strange to a family dinner. They also love to pay visits and give presents.
5. Strong national identity. Cypriots do not like being called Greeks because they consider themselves a separate and independent nation. They are extremely proud of their origins and their country, and they strive to make it even better.

Other features that might surprise and attract you to Cyprus and its residents

1. Education. Young Cypriots are actively pursuing higher education, for which they go to other countries - Greece, the UK or the USA, and other European countries. There are also many universities and colleges on the island, which offer education valid and valued throughout the European Union. In Cyprus, tourists can communicate in several languages, including English, French, German and Russian.
2. Low crime rate. Cypriots are a peaceful and open-hearted nation, highly unlikely to commit crimes. They are also quite conservative and religious people.
3. Friendly police. Police officers are always ready to help, and they do it wholeheartedly, not for the sake of material compensation.

Even more surprising is the fact that there is no such thing as poverty on the island, there are almost no beggars and homeless people. The government carefully monitors the situation and provides support to the unemployed. And, of course, luxury real estate in Limassol and other cities of the island is available to any foreigner who wants to become a part of the local population.

Family life

The Cypriot mentality is quite conservative, therefore the majority of men preserve their ancestors’ conservative traditions.
In villages and small towns, you can still find purely men’s cafes. Men come to such establishments to drink coffee and smoke, discuss their problems and everyday affairs. Women are not welcome in such places. Of course, nobody will kick them out, but the local ladies wouldn’t go there anyway.

In general, Cypriots are family people by nature. On weekends, their large families like to get together at the dinner table or go out. They are very fond of children, so don’t be surprised or afraid if your kids become the centre of attention of ordinary passers-by on the street or receive treats from shop owners. Pensioners in Cyprus are also respected and loved, although even in old age Cypriots remain very active and live a full and independent life. Their good health has a lot to do with a good climate and a slow-paced lifestyle.


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