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Winter holidays in Cyprus

  • 10.09.2021

There is a certain misconception that Cyprus is only good as a summer beach holiday destination. In fact, the island offers a variety of exciting pastime options for people with different interests and budgets, and a beach holiday is merely one of them. Educational trips to the historical sights of the island, health and fitness programs and spa holidays, shopping, skiing in Cyprus - all this and much more is available to guests of the Mediterranean island in winter.

Winter in Cyprus is quite warm - the temperature rarely drops below + 15 ° C, and hardly ever below + 10 ° C. Such weather makes your stay in Cyprus in the winter quite comfortable and especially pleasant for those sensitive to cold. It is also worth noting that the cost of renting a property in Cyprus in winter is much cheaper than in summer. Besides, this season is abundant with interesting offers and events – see below the ideas of what you can do in Cyprus in winter.

What to do in Cyprus in winter?

For those who do not know what to do on the island in winter, we suggest some ideas for interesting activities that will make your stay on the island pleasant and exciting:

  • Sightseeing. This Mediterranean island has a unique collection of ancient monuments. Traces of antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Venetian and British periods can be found in nearly every city and village. Some attractions, like the Archaeological Park in Pafos, are huge territories, comprising a large number of historical heritage sites. To see everything properly, you need to spend a few hours walking in the open air, leaving your worries behind. Obviously, it is more comfortable to do it in + 15 ° С and not + 30 ° С. Apart from the above mentioned Archaeological Park, you should definitely visit Nea Paphos, Kolossi Castle near Limassol, the ancient settlement of Choirokitia, Aphrodite’s Bath and others.
  • Visiting Orthodox shrines. The island is home to many important Orthodox shrines. The churches and monasteries of Cyprus amaze with their beauty, remoteness from the noise of civilization, and spiritual power. Seeing the Kykkos Monastery, the Monastery of St. Neophytos, Stavrovouni, Macheras and others will be interesting not only for religious people but also for those who are into history and architecture. Some of the island's monasteries date back to the fourth century. There are also quite unusual temples, such as the monastery of St. Nicholas, which shelters dozens of cats. Why are the cats there and other interesting facts about the monastery you can find out by visiting it in the winter.
  • Skiing. Despite mild winters in Cyprus, the Troodos Mountains are cold and snowy enough to ski from mid-December to late March. Ski holidays in Cyprus will pleasantly surprise you. There are tracks for both beginners and professionals. All slopes are concentrated around the highest mountain of the island - Olympus. The place is very beautiful, and you can hire equipment, have lunch or even stay overnight. Mountain Cyprus is another amazing side of the island that is worth getting to know for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Visiting cultural events. Cypriots love events and winter does not stop them. Cyprus has as much fun and entertainment in winter as it does in summer. It is becoming popular to visit the island during the Christmas and New Year holidays.
  • Watching flamingos. Only those who visit Cyprus in winter have an amazing opportunity to observe hundreds of pink flamingos. There is a salt lake near Larnaca, which dries up completely in the summer, and the only fact to remind about the lake is a few centimetres thick salt crust on the surface. In autumn, during the rainy season, the lake fills up with water again and in December-February pink flamingos come and stay there. Quite an amazing sight! Besides flamingoes, other birds like swans and wild ducks can be seen there.
  • Wellness. Spa holidays in Cyprus are available at any time of the year. The island has a huge number of health and spa centres, offering effective and enjoyable treatments for relaxation and wellness. Most of the time, such centres operate at hotels.
  • The temptation of Mediterranean cuisine. To make your winter vacation in Cyprus as pleasant and memorable as possible, it is worth savouring the traditional cuisine of the island which will surely satisfy all tastes and preferences. The local cuisine is not only delicious but also incredibly healthy. Traditional Cypriot dishes are prepared from fresh products and include a lot of vegetables, meat and fish. Those with a sweet tooth will also be happy - Cyprus is famous for its desserts. Suzuko, pastelaki, baklava, gliko, mahallepi - don't miss the chance to try them. Some of the sweets can be stored for a long time and can be good souvenir.
  • Shopping in Cyprus. Winter on the island can be a shopaholic’s heaven. In January, the winter sales season starts in all stores in Cyprus and lasts almost until the end of February. During this period you can buy quality items with incredible discounts of up to 70%. All major cities have large shopping centres where you can buy a wide variety of goods - from jewellery and clothing to appliances and household items. In Pafos you should visit the Kings Avenue Mall, in Limassol MY MALL, and while in the capital of Nicosia, pop into The Mall Of Cyprus. You should pay attention to local products - they will charm you with their authenticity, quality and relatively low cost. You should definitely buy olive oil, red wine, silver jewellery, glassware, traditional embroidery and lace, natural cosmetics and much more in Cyprus.

As you can see, Cyprus in winter is just as beautiful as in summer. The mild climate, pleasant people, comfortable real estate in Cyprus, safe environment, along with exciting activities will make your stay on the island easy and interesting, so you will definitely want to come back!


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