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Education in Cyprus - unique opportunities for your children

  • 27.12.2021

Cyprus offers a unique opportunity to receive European education, to gain a diploma recognised by all EU countries and to learn English on a native speaker level. The educational system in Cyprus is of very high quality - from kindergarten onwards, children receive a good upbringing, the necessary knowledge and skills. The island's institutions offer education not only for Cypriots - the kindergartens, schools and universities also offer good conditions for foreigners. So, if you decide to buy property in Cyprus and move to the island with your family, you don’t need to worry about the education of your offspring, whatever their age is at the time of the move.

Pre-school Education in Cyprus

Pre-school education in Cyprus is not compulsory. However, kindergartens on the island are in demand, so you should apply in advance for a place in a suitable kindergarten. There are three types of preschools in Cyprus:

  • Public;
  • Community-run;
  • Private.

Community kindergartens are organised in case of insufficient state care facilities. Funding for the community daycare centres is provided by the parents and the quality of the service is monitored by the Ministry.

Daycare centres are mainly intended for children between the ages of three and six. There are also nurseries that accept babies as young as six months if necessary.

Kindergartens in Cyprus are small and cater for small groups of children. Some pre-schools may only have one teacher. Kindergarten programs focus on developing children's emotional intelligence, thinking skills, interacting with others, and creativity. Kindergartens teach in Greek, but British nurseries are also popular.

School education in Cyprus

Almost all schools in Cyprus follow similar programs to those in Europe. Public schools teach only in Greek but there are also a fair number of private schools which teach in English or other languages.

As with most countries in Europe, children in Cyprus start school at age six and finish at around 18. The first part of their education takes place in gymnasiums. Those preparing for higher education will have to continue their studies in a lyceum after completing secondary school. The study programmes in the upper secondary schools are very flexible. Depending on the interests and aptitudes of the students, they are offered different specialisations. Private lessons are also in demand in Cyprus, helping pupils deepen their knowledge and prepare them for university. A popular school for English is Pafos International School which welcomes children from all over the world.

Higher Education in Cyprus

Higher education for foreigners in Cyprus is fee-paying in all types of institutions. But even though it's not free, there are many applicants for higher education. Such interest in the country's universities can be explained by the high quality and relatively low cost of education. Moreover, there are various types of scholarships and grants available for international students, which can partly or fully cover the cost of study and living expenses. For example, the government's financial aid programme for international students allows for a 30 to 50 per cent discount on tuition fees.

All higher education institutions in Cyprus offer good practical help to every student in finding accommodation. Most Universities have hostels and campuses, but if these are full, the administration will help you find the best accommodation for you. International students also have a good chance of earning a living during the holidays - any student can legally work on the island after six months in the country.

The most prestigious university on the island is the University of Cyprus, located in the capital, Nicosia. The university has six faculties and courses are taught in Greek and Turkish. Popular with international students is the University of Nicosia. It is the largest private university on the island with over eleven thousand students from all over the world. The University also has about 30 distance learning programs. For this reason, properties in Nicosia is in high rental demand among students.

Universities in Cyprus offer not only a quality curriculum but also an interesting leisure experience. There are excursions around the island and abroad, themed student evenings and film nights - these are just a small part of the leisure activities on offer.

As you can see, the education system in Cyprus is up to European standards. Here, children receive a quality education at every stage of their schooling - from nursery to higher education.


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