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Paphos International School - modern secondary education for children from all over the world

  • 06.06.2021

Every normal parent wants the best education for their children. Good education creates the basis for a harmonious development of the personality and the platform for a successful career in the future. Some choose secondary education in Europe for their offspring, some prefer to best school close to home, and some make a decision to move to Cyprus where the amazing climate is beneficial not only for one’s health but also mental and intellectual processes in the heads of the younger generation. Moreover, it is the education of their children that for many become the primary reason for choosing and buying a property in Cyprus.

If you choose Pafos as your place of residence and uncertain as to what school to choose for your child, then it is worth considering the International School of Paphos, a modern private school based on English teaching traditions.

The International School of Paphos: Teaching and Educational Principles

  • The International School of Paphos (ISOP), founded in 1987, is a private English school that accepts children between the ages of 2.5 and 18 from different countries. The school is recognized by the higher educational institutions of Cyprus and the EU and regularly passes all the necessary checks and certifications.
  • Education in this private school in Pafos covers three main areas: creative, physical, and intellectual development of the children. The schooling is based on the UK national curriculum, adapted to Cyprus cultural characteristics and government education standards. The classes are in English, but apart from English, children also study Greek, French, and German.
  • The International School of Paphos has its own kindergarten, pre-school, primary or secondary schools, as well as summer school and private institute.
  • The school territory is about 3 hectares of land on the outskirts of Pafos. The property of the school is represented by a separate kindergarten building and a school building with spacious and fully equipped classrooms (including air conditioning and heating, projectors and computers, modern lighting and interactive whiteboards). The school has everything you need for the comprehensive development of children - a modern pool, scientific laboratories, a multifunctional sports hall and jogging tracks, a football field, tennis courts, an assembly and music hall, an art studio and a library, as well as all kinds of indoor and outdoor playgrounds for recreation and outdoor games.
  • Graduates of the school often choose the University of Cyprus for further studies, many travel to other countries, but they all love to come back to their favourite school over and over again to visit their teachers and see their classmates. The school administration encourages alumni meetings and holds regular events for this purpose.
  • The main teaching staff is English, so teaching is carried out in true English style. The teachers are very kind and polite. Children are taught from an early age a spirit of freedom and personal flexibility, a sense of self-discipline and responsibility, love of books and education. As a good example, when you walk the school grounds, you can see a beautiful manicured green lawn, trees and a playground. Children run around and frolic, having fun, and no one shouts at them stopping from "ruining the green areas".
  • At school, the kids have to wear a uniform, a stylish set in grey, white and burgundy. However, every now and then there are the so-called "Uniform Free Days". To participate in this event, children must pay a minimum fee of a few euros, and the money collected goes to charity.
  • After the 9th grade, gradual preparation for the future profession begins. Specialists (career counsellors) work closely with children and their parents to help children decide which subjects are most interesting to them and they are best at. In grade 10, children choose 8 subjects that they will study in depth for the next few years.
  • Various excursions are regularly held both on the island of Cyprus and in other European countries. Children visit the famous Paphos Zoo and other local attractions, which allows them to explore new cultures and traditions as a friendly team.
  • Various extracurricular activities and hobby groups are also available to all students - everyone can choose an additional lesson to their liking. It can be a chess club, a theatre club, Greek dances, cooking, all kinds of sports activities and much more.
  • Competitions and themed events in singing, rhetoric, educational art, as well as sports competitions, stage performances and plays. A huge assembly hall with comfortable seating places allows inviting not only parents and teachers but also residents and guests of Pafos to these performances. At the same time, everyone enjoys themselves - the actors from the spectators’ attention and applause, and the audience - from the young artistic play and childish spontaneity on stage.
  • At the end of their studies, high school students take exams at school, and after successfully passing them, they can easily enter any university in Europe. Some particularly prestigious universities (such as Oxford and Cambridge) may only require an additional interview, but that’s about it. In addition, graduates of the International School of Paphos receive an Apolytirion, the local School Diploma. This document is recognized and appreciated all over the world.

To sum it up, the slogan of the International School of Paphos - "Measure in everything" - really reflects the essence of the educational, organisational and teaching systems of this institution. Children are respected here; they are offered rather than imposed the knowledge; spurred interest and admiration for science and learning. Thus, each child grows and develops naturally and harmoniously, grows up as a free and educated person, whose knowledge meets high standards and is appreciated in any country in the world. Sending your child to study at this private English school on the extraordinary island of Cyprus means opening up endless success opportunities in his future adult life.


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