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Holidays with children in Cyprus

  • 29.03.2022

A family holiday with children is a great way to spend time with your dearest away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Holidays with children in Cyprus can become an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Cyprus, with its cosy properties, generous sunshine, warm sea and plenty of activities will keep everyone entertained and provide a bright holiday for the young tourists. We will share some tips as to what you can do with children while on holiday.

The best entertainment for children in Cyprus

Cyprus offers a huge number of activity options for children. We chose those that will suit children of different ages and with different interests, namely:

  • Water parks. There are plenty of waterparks in Cyprus offering slides and fun activities for adults as well as kids - a great experience for the whole family. That's why holidays with children in Cyprus should start with a water park. The most popular water parks on the island are Aphrodite near Pafos and Water World in Ayia Napa. Aphrodite has a wide variety of rides and levels of difficulty. Kids will enjoy drifting on the tranquil 'river' that runs through the park, on their inflatable mattresses and laps. The park also has a well-equipped parental area for adults to relax while their kids have fun in the pool or on the slides. Experienced instructors are on hand to ensure the safety in all areas. The water park in Ayia Napa is unique in its themed design. The design of the area immerses visitors into the world of ancient Greek gods. Each attraction is named after a legendary figure from the ancient world or narrates a plot from one of its myths, e.g. Apollo's Leap, Icarus' Waterfall, Odysseus' River etc. The Atlantis pool, with its many thrilling games, is a great attraction for children. The Watermania water park near Limassol will also impress you with a great selection of slides and attractions. The park has cosy relaxation areas, cafes and souvenir shops. Moreover, it is very close to the "My Mall" shopping centre if you fancy shopping with children. It is worth noting that good shopping malls with dedicated entertainment areas for children can be found in all cities of Cyprus.
  • Zoos. Pafos Zoo is the most famous one – its diversity of species and the cozy designated areas for animals, as close to natural conditions as possible, are impressive. There are penguins, kangaroos, porcupines, rattlesnakes, crocodiles and many other unusual animals. Three times a day there is a bird show at the zoo, included in the ticket price. There is a café and souvenir shop on site. For those holidaying in Limassol, the zoo there is also well worth a visit. It is especially pleasant to walk in the zoo on a hot summer day - the green alleys of the park will provide the much needed shade and cool breeze.

Beaches. How can you do without a beach holiday on a sunny Mediterranean island? Beach holidays with children in Cyprus will be comfortable and fun. The island's beaches are clean and well maintained, making it a safe and pleasant holiday destination for families with children. Most beaches in Cyprus have a gently sloping entry to the water, playgrounds, water slides of all levels, cosy cafes for snacks and refreshing drinks and other amenities. The most suitable beaches for children are:

  • “Coral Bay” in Pafos. Thanks to the wave breakers there are no big waves in the bay and the entry into the water is very smooth, so children will be safe here. Moreover, the beach facilities - umbrellas, sun loungers, showers, changing rooms, toilets and a range of water sports will make your stay super comfortable.
  • "Flamingo” in Protaras. A spacious, well-kept sandy beach with good amenities is also perfect for families with children.
  • "Nissi Beach” in Ayia Napa. This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island - with white sand and blue water. The palm trees around the beach give it a special flair.
  • "Dasoudi” in Limassol. The beach is known for its proximity to the famous eucalyptus park. The unique eucalyptus aroma in the air makes your stay at the beach relaxing and pleasant. There is also safe access to the water and plenty of activities for children and adults.

There is a whole range of fun activities for kids in Cyprus to keep them entertained and make unforgettable memories.

Other attractions for children in Cyprus

  • Museums. You think visiting museums is too boring for children? Some of the museums maybe, but not the Archimedes Museum in Limassol. This museum has interactive exhibits where children can touch, try, experiment and make things happen. Far from being boring for children, this museum shows just how interesting and exciting science can be. Thus, children's activities in Cyprus can be both fun and educational.
  • Recreational Parks. Those who love outdoor activities will undoubtedly love the Santa Maria holiday park near Limassol. Here visitors can take part in a variety of quests, horseback riding, archery and crossbow shooting, and teenagers can visit the Minotaur Maze.
  • There are children's play areas at the hotels. Those staying in a hotel for the duration of their holiday will have the added option of organised fun activities for children. Almost all hotels have a children's area with a wide range of interesting activities. Babysitters and animators work with children, so you don't have to worry about leaving them unattended.

Cyprus is a wonderful island that welcomes everyone, regardless of age or personal interests. It's a great place to relax, work, learn and just be. Find out how to apply for permanent residency in Cyprus in order to make a change in your life and the lives of your children in Cyprus by following this link.

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