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Kato Pafos and Pano Pafos

  • 02.02.2022

Pafos is one of the most ancient cities of Cyprus, the centre of Aphrodite’s worship and other Hellenic gods of fertility. The legend says that the beautiful goddess of love was born here. During the 4th century BC. Pafos was located in the area of Kouklia village. In 320 B.C., King Nikoklis of Pafos decided to move his capital to a more favourable location for the construction of a sea port. It is where the city of Pafos stands today.

Pafos is divided into two parts - Kato Pafos (old town) and Pano Pafos (new town). The two parts are very different from each other; the former is touristic and bustling, while the latter is business and quiet. Nevertheless, but both have something to surprise their visitors.

Kato Pafos

Kato Pafos can be translated as Lower Pafos. This is the old part of the town which dates back to the time of King Nikoklis. Today Kato Pafos is the tourist centre of Pafos with vibrant life, modern nightclubs, tavernas, cosy cafes and gourmet restaurants. The best sea view holiday properties in Pafos sea are also located in the old town.

Kato Pafos is where most of the town's ancient monuments are located, including the Pafos Archaeological Park. There is so much antiquity here that the entire area has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Kato Pafos harbour and the promenade are lively and picturesque, ideal for daytime or evening strolls. Dozens of cafes and restaurants serving the best local and international cuisine are set along the promenade.

There are souvenir shops with a wide range of goods - the perfect place for gifts and souvenirs. Kato Pafos is also home to one of the best beaches in the city - the Municipal Beach. This is a great place for a family beach holiday with a well-developed infrastructure and a wide range of water activities. The beach is very popular not only with tourists but also locals.

What to see in Kato Pafos?

The old town is literally brimming with sights - there are ancient sights anywhere you look. The most popular attractions in Kato Pafos (which can also be considered the most popular of the whole island) are:

  • Old castle. The structure dates back to the Byzantine period and was built for defence against attacks from the sea. The fortress is a popular tourist attraction with its viewing platform offering spectacular views of the town, the port and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Pafos Mosaics. Close to the harbour are the remains of Roman villas from the second to third centuries with the most beautiful mosaics from ancient times. A total of five villas have been excavated, four of which are open to the public. Archaeologists are still working on the fifth.
  • Odeon. This Roman theatre dates back to the second century. During the warmer months the Odeon is used as a stage for all sorts of festivals and theatrical events. Many cultural Pafos events take place in the old town.
  • Tombs of the Kings. These are the ruins of tombs carved out in the rocks. In the 3rd century B.C. it was the burial place of the local nobility. Unfortunately the tombs were looted long before archaeological excavations began, so many valuable artefacts were lost. Nevertheless, the architecture of the surviving halls is striking.

These are the most famous, but by no means all, of the attractions of the old town - there are many amazing monuments to discover.

Pano Pafos

Pano Pafos is the business centre of the city. Almost all public and municipal institutions are based here, as are the offices of innovative companies, banks and shopping malls.

Pafos, or Ktima, is less popular with tourists and has a quieter pace of life. Most of the locals live in this part of town. Indeed Pano Pafos is more suitable than Kato Pafos for living, while the latter is ideal for summer holidays.

Pano Pafos is a modern day Cyprus. Real estate in this part of the town pleasantly is diverse and comfortable, which attracts foreign investors.

What to see in Pano Pafos?

Despite being relatively young, Pano Pafos has a lot to surprise with. While in this part of town, be sure to see:

  • Park Ivy Maliotou. The attractions of the park include the small but very beautiful Chapel of St. John the Baptist. The park is generally not very crowded and is great for quiet walks. There is a municipal gallery on top of the hill
  • Church of Saint Theodoros. This is the main active church in the town with very beautiful architecture. Next to the church is the Byzantine Museum of the island's Orthodox Church culture. Precious examples of Byzantine ecclesiastical art can be seen here.
  • Church of Saint Kendeas. The church is fairly young by the standards of Cyprus - it was built in the early twentieth century. The church was named in honour of St. Cendeas, who lived for a long time in a cave near the town and healed people. The church is built of white stone and looks very impressive.

Thus, Kato Pafos and Pano Pafos are two complementary parts of one amazing Mediterranean town. Those who wish to get to know Pafos better must visit both parts. Also, while in town do not miss the opportunity to visit the Pafos Zoo which is located 15 kilometres away from the city. It's the largest zoo on the island with a lot of interesting creatures to see. A visit to this zoo makes for a very rich and colourful holiday in Cyprus.

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