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Features of landscaping in Cyprus

  • 08.02.2022

Landscape design is a harmonious blend of architecture and design, biology and horticulture. It is an amazing and distinctive art of gardening and landscaping, reflecting history and different philosophies. Landscape design aims to bring a harmony of cleanliness, light, greenery and tranquillity. Except for beauty, landscape design provides convenience and comfort of use of engineering constructions, smoothers terrain imperfections, gives an extra touch of beauty to the area and fills the "visitors" with vital energy. Landscaping in Cyprus makes the most of all the benefits of the Mediterranean island’s natural beauty. The landscaping is as natural as possible and the result is magical. The nature itself, the flora and fauna of Cyprus are a natural contributor to the island's landscaping trends.

Landscape design: basic components and features

Back in the day, the mansions and the parks of the wealthy were adorned with gardens. Garden trees were planted along paths, cultivated greenery decorated the arbours and resting glades of the nobility. However, this was somewhat chaotic and resembled utilitarian gardening. The term 'landscaping' only emerged in Europe in the twentieth century, when there was a surge in demand for suburban homes close to major cities. Today "landscape design" consists of many components, each requiring bespoke design, effort, time and money, and, most importantly, the idea and inspiration of designers and craftsmen.

Landscaping work begins with design. The project may include the following components of landscape design:

  • Structures. The entire landscaping project will revolve around existing or planned buildings. The type and purpose of buildings don’t matter - in any case they should occupy a focal place in the project. Landscaping aims to correct the possible aesthetic or construction faults and to help the structures blend in with the surroundings. Modern properties in Cyprus are designed from the outset to blend harmoniously into the local landscape.
  • Lawn grass. All types of grass can be used to create a lawn, either in the form of a special turf rollout or as nicely trimmed weeds. At the planning stage of lawn areas, automatic watering of the future lawn is also part of the design.
  • Cultivated green spaces. As single trees or whole gardens, useful shrubs and flowerbeds, the entire flora of the landscaped area is an important component of landscape design. The choice is vast, and in most cases is determined by the characteristics of the local vegetation and the preferences of the property owner.
  • Hard landscaping. Small fountains, artificial streams, lakes and ponds are often used in modern landscape design. Stones and stone constructions, bridges and sculptures are also very popular.
  • Functional objects. Children’s swings and slides can be bought in any local hardware store and either placed randomly in any vacant area, or be integrated into the landscape through a smart landscape design. In addition, functional objects can include a gazebo, benches of different lengths and shapes, aviaries for pets, as well as other elements of the playground and possible building objects.
  • Artistic details. Decorative details can highlight certain areas, create the right atmosphere and give the garden a special character and style. Original chandeliers or candles on antique candlesticks, fancy boxes and fruit baskets, tablecloths and shelves in a pergola, armchairs and garden furniture. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
  • Lighting. A well-thought-out lighting of the entire landscaped area is not only functional. Lighting will help to emphasize the beauty and comfort of the landscape in the evening, give the area a special night atmosphere and flavour.

Landscaping in Cyprus: Mediterranean gardening experience

Landscaping with a distinctive Mediterranean flair is very popular in Cyprus. Designers create beautiful and welcoming 'landscapes' with the customer in mind, without disturbing the natural harmony of the island landscape. Thus, landscape design in Cyprus has some distinctive features, including:

  • Competent arrangement of structures on any size area. Not all villas and houses in Cyprus can boast a huge plot, but landscapers in Cyprus use every inch of land wisely and ensure that each property owner can enjoy all the charms of living on the island. Main constructions (house, garage) are usually located near the entrance, and functional objects in the vicinity of their main area (sheds near the garden, gazebo and barbecue near the pool, benches and private corners - near beautiful decorative spots, etc.).
  • Artistic details. Cypriot landscapers add a special touch to every space with simple details. Winding stone paths, picturesque arrangements of trees and bushes, delicate flowerbeds, lawns and small ponds perfectly integrate into the local Cypriot atmosphere.
  • Fencing. Green hedges are very popular in Cyprus. However, they are the best if you have a large plot, as they take up a lot of space. Smaller yards are better off with a wooden fence or no fence at all. Vines and climbers also require less space and are therefore often used by Cypriot landscapers in smaller areas.
  • Variety in topography. If the area is small and flat, Cypriot landscapers can diversify the terrain with alpine rockeries, running streams, slightly raised lawns, alternating light and dark, bright and monochrome corners. The multi-dimensional space visually enhances the area and gives it colour and shape.
  • Vegetation. The choice of greenery in Cyprus is very specific. The island's flora is multi-faceted and diverse, and landscape gardeners are keen to preserve the natural beauty of each nook and cranny. In fact, around 140 species are endemic to the island. More than 300 species of flora are listed in the Red List. Cedar, almond, oak, alder, cypress, juniper, pistachio, Cypriot tulip, thyme and many more species of plant life proudly grace the landscape of the island.

If you are a lucky owner of a new or resale property in Cyprus, you can enjoy a life of leisure amid the island's original and very special Mediterranean landscape.


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