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Main events to enjoy in Cyprus: carnivals, festivals and popular holidays

  • 11.04.2021

Cypriots know how to have fun and celebrate. Apart from a number of religious and public holidays, they celebrate a wide variety of events, some of which date back to the times of antiquity. Festivals in Cyprus are loved by both the locals and the tourists. It is becoming more and more popular to visit the island during such celebrations. Which is not surprising, because during these times the island acquires even brighter colors, and the streets and houses of Cyprus are incredibly transformed into something even more exciting. What holidays, festivals and carnivals are worth visiting for those seeking a fun and exciting holiday? We will have a closer look at it in this article.

Wine Festival

Festivals in Cyprus are very different, but one of the most popular ones is the wine festival which takes place annually in Limassol. Many hotels in other cities offer their guests a free transfer and transportation to visit this festival.

The wines of Cyprus are popular all over the world and the island offers many types of wine to suit all tastes. The main events of the festival take place in the Municipal Park of the city. Here, the guests are invited to try popular wines and be the first to taste new products. Fine wines, delicious food, music, dancing - all are integral attributes of the wine festival in Cyprus. For children, the festival offers a separate program with contests, attractions and performances.

Limassol carnival

For those wishing to know what the carnivals in Cyprus are like, the Limassol Carnival is the one to see. This spring celebration takes place in all towns and villages in Cyprus, but it is most celebrated in Limassol. The carnival has a long history and has been taking place annually for the last hundred years. Accomodation prices rise significantly during this time.

During the carnival, the city changes dramatically - the streets are filled with bright decorations and carnival events with live music, theatrical performances, and free treats can be found at every corner.

Carnival in Limassol lasts two weeks, and each year has a different and more eventful program than the previous year. The holiday offers interesting events not only for adults, but also for children, like the children's carnival procession. The final and most important event of the carnival is the parade through the streets of the city in the last week of the celebration. It is attended by thousands of people in colorful costumes and hundreds of themed moving platforms. Read more unsual facts about life in Cyprus here.


This festival is a real paradise for flower lovers. It's hard to find a place filled with more flowers than Limassol, Larnaca, or Pafos during Anthestria. This festival takes place every year in the last month of spring. During this time the weather in Cyprus is comfortably warm and not too hot. In total, about two thousand types of flowers grow on the island, and more than a hundred of them can be seen only in Cyprus. This festival is also an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the unique colors of the Mediterranean island.

The tradition of this holiday is very old, dating back to the times of Ancient Greece. The festival is held in honor of the god Dionysus, who was the god of plants and furtile nature. During the festival, people give flowers to each other thus showing their love, friendship and appreciation to one another. The main event of the festival is the flower parade - a long procession of people and moving platforms showcasing a variety of flowers.

Ancient Greek Drama Festival

Every year in July and August, the Odeon Theater in Pafos, preserved from antiquity, comes to life once again. It serves as a platform for a unique festival of ancient Greek drama. During the festival, actors from all over the world come to Paphos to join in the revival of legendary performances. The festival program is interesting and varied, where you can see performances by candlelight and torchlight. It is interesting to note that the performances are in ancient Greek language, which allows the audience to immerse in the atmosphere of the theater's former glory and to feel the history come to life.

Besides the drama festival, there are other interesting cultural events in Pafos, such as the classical music festival held annually in September.

Larnaca Summer Festival

Cypriots love holidays and fun, so this summer festival lasts for the whole month of July. At this time the city is transformed beyond recognition, there are a huge number of cultural events - exhibitionsMost of the events take place at the Larnaca Castle and the Amphitheater.

The Larnaca Festival is an opportunity to see famous poets, writers, painters, actors and musicians that come to the city for the festival. This festival can rightfully be considered the most creative one on the island.

Cyprus Film Festival

This international festival takes place annually in the capital of the island. During the festival, you can see both well-known and rare films that are inaccessible to a wide range of spectators. Festival guests have the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of many famous and novice directors. The genres of the films shown are very different - it will be interesting for both children and adults, cinema connoisseurs and complete novices.

As you can see, festivals in Cyprus are an integral part of the culture of the island. They allow you to see the real Cyprus - full of joy, excitement, and optimism. Island visitors who come specifically to see the festivals have a variety of accommodation options to choose from. Properties in Cyprus offer variety, high level of comfort and affordable prices. Don't miss the main festivals and carnivals in Cyprus, with their buzzing energy and lots of fun!

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