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Moving to Cyprus: the main advantages

  • 12.09.2022

Why so many people dream of moving to the sunny Mediterranean island? Would relocating to Cyprus be the best decision in your life? We have examined the experience of many people who had moved to Cyprus and will share the results of our brief research in this article. It's clear that living in Cyprus can give many advantages and a high level of comfort. The island offers a variety of prospects, making it a rewarding place to live happily.

Relocating to Cyprus: The main advantages

First of all, it's worth pointing out that before moving to live and work in Cyprus permanently, it's best to rent a place for a while. This way you can get a taste of what Cyprus is like, enjoy the island pace of life and experience its unmatched flavour. This will help you make the right decision whether you should move and, most importantly, understand which area of Cyprus is best for you.

  • People. As good as any place is, the most important thing is the people. People you meet on the street, people you bump into in the shops, people who live nearby. Friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbours, friends of friends, etc. People in Cyprus are calm and positive. Cypriots are very hospitable and welcoming, you will never feel like a stranger in Cyprus.
  • Safety and environmental. There are hardly any metal doors or barred windows - they are just not needed. Even the height of the fence is regulated by law - it must not exceed 1.2 metres, otherwise the fence will prevent you from enjoying the scenery. It will be difficult to find a guard or a bodyguard on the island. Security guards are hard to come by, even in hotels or restaurants on the island. Moreover, there is no heavy industry in Cyprus, so you can be sure your new home will be healthier for your family.
  • Property. Whether it is a luxury penthouse overlooking the sea, a villa in the hills or a small bungalow by the sea, Cyprus has the perfect property for everyone. Modern real estate on the island meets the highest standards of quality, it will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Cyprus has over 340 days of sunshine a year, so absolutely all properties on the island have a veranda to enjoy the fresh air.
  • Medicine and education. Most Cyprus medical professionals received their education at European universities and practised in European clinics. They are highly qualified specialists who take responsibility for their work. In case a patient requires treatment in other clinics of the EU, all costs are covered by insurance companies. As for education, Cyprus has it at a very high level. Schools and universities have their curriculums in English or Greek.
  • A steadily growing economy. Cyprus economy and credit ratings are steadily improving, mainly due to the growth in the tourism sector and foreign investment. Millions of tourists visit the island every year, which means that the service sector is also developing - transport, communications, trade and property transactions. Cyprus offers a friendly environment for business people from all over the world, which is why many foreign companies are relocating their offices here.
  • Taxes. The tax laws are friendly to foreign operations and companies registered on the island. Thus, Cyprus is an attractive place for foreign businessmen to start and do business. The soft taxation system in Cyprus attracts the influx of foreign capital, which has seen the country grow rapidly.

Cyprus can be an excellent holiday destination, a lucrative investment or a new home. Everyone can find something special on the island.


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