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Strawberry festival in Derinia

  • 12.07.2022

Strawberries are one of the most popular berries in Cyprus that are available almost all year round. A village in the East of Cyprus called Derinia regularly hosts a strawberry festival which attracts not only farmers from all over the country but also a huge number of tourists. Learn more about when the strawberry festival is held in Derinia and what you can expect there.

Derinia: facts about a small village in Cyprus

About 60 years ago the first strawberry fields were planted in the small Mediterranean village of Derinia. This investment yielded such an abundant crop that the farmers continued growing the berries in their fields. Over time, the village became one of the biggest producers of strawberries in the domestic market and the inhabitants of Cyprus began to associate Derinia exclusively with this red berry.

The Derinia Strawberry Festival was conceived much later, in 1999. Originally, it started as an exhibition of different varieties of berries for farmers from other countries. But at the time of the exhibition, the organisers also created an interesting entertainment programme for the villagers and their guests. This made the strawberry festival in Derinia known far beyond the borders of Cyprus.

As for the village itself, despite its immense history (it was founded approximately 700 years ago), it under 7 thousand inhabitants. Virtually all are engaged in private farming, with a significant proportion of the population spending time in the strawberry fields.

While visiting the Derinia Strawberry Festival, visitors can also explore the village itself. Of interest for the visitors are:

  • The old chapel built back in the 15th century in honour of St. George. An old fresco depicting the saint and some scenes from his life are still preserved inside the chapel.
  • The Chapel of Saints Constantine and Helena with an old well with an underground tunnel preserved in the courtyard to this day. In medieval times it was used to irrigate the land.
  • Chapel of St Modesto. The farmers still bring wax statues of animals to the chapel and pray to Modest to help increase the number of animals.
  • Folk Museum. The museum is set in an old house that fully reflects the life of the indigenous people of Derinia.

In terms of investment in real estate in Cyprus, Derinia village is unlikely to be an attractive destination. However, it is worth visiting at least once and the Strawberry Festival is a great way to find out the most "delicious" things about the place.

Why go to the Strawberry Festival in Derinia?

First of all, it's important to understand when the Derinia Strawberry Festival takes place. Unfortunately, this event is only organised once every two years. The date varies every time, but the organisers try to have it in mid-May.

The festival is organised in a large stadium in the village of Derinia called Anagennisi. During the festival, all the farmers who grow strawberries gather there, and exhibit their ripe ones for everyone to see and taste.

In addition to the strawberry exhibition, the Derinia Strawberry Festival offers the guests

  • a wide variety of strawberry drinks, including strawberry liqueurs and juices;
  • free strawberry ice-cream for children (often home-made using fresh strawberries from the fields of the village)
  • sweet treats and drinks (these are not free, but the prices at the festival are very affordable);
  • children's attractions and entertainment, games with animators;
  • local bands that will introduce you to the folk art of a Cypriot village.

The good news is that entry to the festival is absolutely free. Here you can indulge in some of the island's delicious treats and buy Cyprus souvenirs for your friends and family.

How to get to the village for the Strawberry Festival?

The nearest towns close to Derinia are Protaras and Ayia Napa, where you should start your trip to the Strawberry Festival. There are three ways to get to the village:

  • By intercity bus. One can either take a direct bus from Protaras and Ayia Napa or a small bus connecting with the town of Paralimni. You should check the timetable in advance though, as there are not many buses in this direction. Learn more about Paralimni here.
  • By taxi. The round trip costs more than a bus ticket, but you don't need to schedule public transport.
  • By rented car. The most comfortable option if you have an international driving licence. However, for a trip to Derinia better use a navigator. As the village is small, there are a lot of one-way streets, which can be quite difficult to handle.

You should ask local tour operators about the possibility of a comfortable trip to the Strawberry Festival. They often arrange inexpensive tours to and from the village.

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