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The Best Souvenirs to Bring from Cyprus

  • 28.02.2021

After a holiday in Cyprus, you would definitely want to take some unforgettable memories of the Mediterranean island with you and bring your friends beautiful souvenirs - it always feels good to share joy and happiness, especially when it is a gift from Cyprus. After spending even a few days on this sun-drenched island, you can soak in and retain some of that serenity and balance that the Cypriots are famous for. So why not take with you a bit of Cypriot friendliness, hospitality and bliss in a material form, to remind yourself of the relaxed sunny days and spoil your family, close friends and colleagues.

TOP 10 popular gifts and souvenirs from Cyprus

  • Olives and olive oil. It is surely a nice and healthy gift, unarguable! Natural, healthy, flavoursome.
  • Traditional sweets. Carob syrup tastes like cocoa and can be a great substitute for any chocolate sauce. You can also mix it with nuts and raisins. Despite its sweetness, this syrup is safe even for diabetics. Shushuko is a kind of sweet with pieces of nuts in thickened grape or carob juice with an unforgettable and delicious taste.Cyprus jams are amazing, with the most popular being citrus marmalades - orange, tangerine, grapefruit or lemon. There are some unusual varieties as well, and even gourmets will appreciate a special jam made with watermelon skin or carrots. Honey infused with subtle aromas and flavours of the mountain plants and herbs can be an excellent gift and a delight for a sweet tooth of any age. For kids, the Cyprus honey will not only be yummy but also very healthy.
  • Cheeses are another speciality of Cyprus. Halloumi cheese, made from pure or mixed milk (goat, cow and sheep) with the addition of spices or mint, has long gained popularity all over the world.
  • Spices and herbs will allow you to continue the Cypriot extravaganza in the kitchen even when you are back home in any corner of the world. The famous Cyprus herbs such as oregano, cinnamon, cumin, different varieties of pepper and other herbs and spices create an atmosphere of taste and aroma.
  • Wine: praise and honour to its delicate aroma and intricate taste! In every wine-making village, the locals will impress their guests with wines that are often far better in quality than the ones on the supermarket shelves in many countries.
  • The Cyprus lace, handmade by the local ladies, is simply beyond competition because it is truly unique, and that is why UNESCO added it to the world heritage list. Local lace decorates and adds that special touch to the interiors of the houses and apartments in Cyprus.
  • Silverware, which looks almost like a lace - so delicate and fine the work is, that comes out of the local jewellers’ hands. Rings, earrings, bracelets, chains and other jewellery as well as interior design items are sure to wow anyone with good taste.
  • Natural cosmetics with olive oil will create a home spa reminiscent of your relaxing holiday - massage oils, body creams, hand and foot creams etc. Rose candles are also becoming more and more popular. And there is a relatively new product on the market - donkey milk soap, which has a particularly soothing and softening effect.
  • Handmade leather goods - belts and wallets, key holders and cosmetic bags will be a practical and stylish gift that anyone would appreciate.
  • The Pythagorean Cup comes top in the most popular Cyprus souvenirs charts. This ceramic product will surprise and, perhaps, puzzle your smart friends. The shape resembles an ordinary cup, the stem, however, is not attached from the outside, but sort of sticks out inside. The beverage goes between the walls of the cup and the stem, and if you flip over the full cup, the liquid will spill through the hole in the stem.

In this article, we had a look at the most popular gifts and souvenirs that tourists like to take with them from their holidays in Cyprus. Gifts that will certainly remind you of the amazing time on the Mediterranean island and warm you on cold winter evenings.
In this article, you can find out what you should take with you when planning the trip to Cyprus.


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