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What to see in Limassol: TOP 10 city attractions

  • 04.05.2021

When travelling to the island of Cyprus, you should definitely visit its most cosmopolitan city -Limassol. Warm climate, friendly people, trendy boutiques and shopping centers, delicious food and incredibly comfortable properties in Limassol await everyone who decides to visit this city. What to see in Limassol? What to do while you are there? Where to go in Limassol with children? Read further to find out

What to see in Limassol: TOP 10 city attractions

  1. Molos seafront. Walking along the embankment will be pleasant in any season or time of the day. The seafront is equipped with a full-fledged infrastructure, has well-thought-out landscaping with palm trees and other exotic trees, as well as green lawns and flower beds. The Molos seafront starts in the old port and runs for about 3 kilometers. While walking along, you can even go fishing, if you wish, as there are wooden piers stretching out into the sea here and there. In the evening the seafront becomes a fantastic place, transformed by amazing lighting of lanterns and decorative illumination.
  2. Amathus in Limassol. It is one of several ancient city-states of the Mediterranean island. The second name of this ancient city is Amaphunt. Now these ruins, the remains of an ancient civilization, are a must-see for all history lovers!
  3. Limassol Municipal Zoo. This is perhaps the most visited place among Limassol tourists who came to Cyprus with kids. Here you can have a very interesting family walk, learning a lot of new and interesting things about the animals that live in the Limassol Zoo. The conditions for keeping animals in this zoo are very close to their natural environment, therefore, after visiting this place you will have only the most wonderful memories, without the twitch of pity for the animals. Aviaries, corrals, artificial rivers, small ponds and aquariums of the zoo are always clean and well-groomed, and the animals live their usual real life. By the way, children will also like the Paphos Zoo, which is highlighted in this article
  4. Carob Museum. The carob trees are of great importance for the country's economy and this museum is certainly worth a visit. The fruits of the tree used to be called the "black gold" of Cyprus and were exported all over the world. The carob tree belongs to the legume family and its fruits, which have a pod shape., are used in baking, making alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, delicious syrups and sweets. The museum is located in one of the workshops of an old carob-processing factory - all the necessary equipment is collected here.
  5. Limassol castle. This medieval castle has witnessed the long and intricate history of the entire island. According to legend, it was in this castle that the wedding of Richard the Lionheart took place. Visitors are presented with ancient buildings, household items, Italian ceramics, knightly armour, weapons, furniture and various artefacts of the Middle Ages. The time spent in the Limassol Castle will be enjoyed and remembered by both adults and children. By the way, modern real estate in Limassol enchants with its architecture no less, offering tourists and guests comfortable living conditions.
  6. Museum of water. This is the only museum of its kind in Cyprus. There was once a water pump station of the city, and since 2008 the building has been functioning as a water museum. The building itself dates back to the twentieth century. At the entrance to the museum visitors will be surprised by the walls with endlessly circulating water. All the exhibits of the museum are, in one way or another, connected with water; the museum will tell you about the history of the island's water supply and the need and importance of quality water in everyday life. A visit to the Cyprus Water Museum is especially recommended for families with children - they will be able to visually appreciate the importance of water in human life. The museum contains an archive of photographs and videos dedicated to water.
  7. "Oasis" Luna Park. This is the largest amusement park in the city with carousels for the youngest visitors, as well as quite extreme rides for adults and a Ferris wheel. This amusement park is located in the heart of the tourist area of Limassol, not far from the coast. You can get to this place of fun and adrenaline by bus number 30.
  8. Kourion Archaeological Museum. The museum offers its visitors an exhibition of household items of the ancient city of Kourion inhabitants. Here you can see amazing jewelry, ceramics, clay, copper and ivory. Lovers of ancient civilizations will surely like coins, sculptures and various figurines. There is also a restoration workshop at the museum open to everyone.
  9. KEO plant. It is at this plant that the legendary Commandaria wine is produced, as well as many other alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks. The plant's products are exported to Europe and America. You can visit the KEO factory with a guided tour, during which visitors will hear the story of the success and development of this winery, and will also be offered to taste different varieties of wine. After the excursion, you can buy the drinks you liked at lower prices than in the supermarkets and shops.
  10. Limassol beaches. It is impossible to visit Limassol and not go to one of the beaches for a relaxing swim or sunbathe. All local beaches are clean and comfortable - there is everything you need for a good rest. The most popular beaches are Dasoudi Beach, Akti Olympion Beach, Lady's Mile, Curium Beach and Governors Beach.

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