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One of the undoubted benefits of living in the city centre in Cyprus is that you find yourself close to all the urban amenities, the best medical and educational facilities in the country, enjoying a variety of live events and some fine dining options. So if you are ambitious, like to be in the centre of everything, enjoy the energy flow, want business opportunities or better family care, this might be the option for you.
Investment wise, the city properties in Cyprus might not bring you such a high edge as some other options but it will sure be a secure investment. As opposed to seasonal occupancy of tourist area properties, city dwellings will always be in a steady demand both in terms of long term and short term rentals, as well as good resale value. Colleges and universities, concentrated in city centres, bring a good inflow of students looking for accommodation, and the employees of centrally located head offices and corporations will always be looking to rent or buy city center apartments in Cyprus.
If you are buying for personal use, then family and business reasons would be at the top of your priorities list, as the city would be able to provide the best schools, colleges and Universities, as well as clinics, entertainment spots and shopping venues. Having most government and business centres within close reach would definitely help you grow your business easier and faster or have better employment opportunities. 

If you are contemplating moving to or investing in the city properties, we would be happy to discuss with you all the pros and cons and select the best options if the pros are overweighing.

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