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For decades the architecture in Cyprus was quite traditional, with a mixture of classical and Mediterranean features. However, recently the property market has changed significantly both in terms of quality and style. The developers are inviting world renowned architects and engineers to design a new generation of island homes and the local design geniuses follow the trend as well. The contemporary properties in Cyprus are characterized by the use of natural materials like stone, concrete, wood and glass, huge windows that allow for maximum views and blend the interior with the outer areas, clear modern architectural lines, often asymmetrical shapes etc. Needless to say, the quality standards have stepped up as well and are in line with European guidelines.

With the inflow of HNWI international buyers on the island, who know what they want and are prepared to pay for it, the standards of the Cyprus real estate market have improved drastically. Yesterday’s luxury is today’s standard.
Contemporary homes in Cyprys create and maintain a harmonious balance between design, structural efficiency and overall aesthetic value. They utilize space as efficiently as possible and bring harmony to the entire structure. This includes maximizing airflow and minimizing transitional spaces, extending the indoor space into the surrounding environment, giving extra attention to natural light levels. A good contemporary home design will consider space both in and around the house and the local environment.

Moreover, in modern homes energy and environmental efficiency often comes as top priority. This means smart usage of materials, insulation, air conditioning, air flow, recycling energy wherever possible and so on. These major aspects of a home design can save you money and, in the long run, help the planet.


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