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It is a common belief that golf resort properties are mostly loved and chosen by golfers. However, it is not always the case and you don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy the benefits of a golf course property as it is a great investment opportunity.
Considering the long term benefits, investing in a residential golf property is a smart investment. The exclusivity and prestige give it an edge over other properties in the market.
Residential golf course properties in Cyprus generally have eco-friendly and modern master planning and flawless design, as well as immaculate quality attached to the prestige of this real estate niche. If you ever decide to put your home up for sale, you may find that the resale value is excellent, because homes within golf course communities in Cyprus are highly sought after. The value holds strong because of the view, the amenities, and the overall atmosphere.
It may seem that residential golf properties in Cyprus are highly overpriced, but this is actually not true considering the multiple advantages, including both the value and the lifestyle. Golf resorts residents are generally happy to have paid a small premium to live in such a spectacular environment and have a far healthier and happier lifestyle. Moreover, you are guaranteed stunning views, immaculate greens and fresh air all year round.
And of course, if you are indeed a keen golfer, then investing in a Cyprus golf property would be the best decision ever. Property owners always have preferential rates and times over normal club members and players, and a lot of courses offer good discounts for family members and guests as well.
Cyprus, with its mild winters and available infrastructure, steady inflow of tourists and well established construction sector is a perfect place for developing golf industry and can already offer some amazing golf properties.

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