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Buying and Creating a Home in Cyprus

  • 16.02.2022

Home is a place of joy and happiness, where you feel good and safe in any season and any weather. But you are super lucky if you have a home in sunny Cyprus, where the island's climate, the warm Mediterranean sea lapping at your doorstep and the unmistakable Mediterranean flavour all combine to make your holiday and living a most enjoyable experience.

The unique architectural blend of this island is represented by an exceptional combination of different types of property - from the ultra-modern apartment complexes to the villas or old village houses, topped by the carefully designed infrastructure of the cottage complexes.

Your choice of property in Cyprus will be determined by its function, as well as your budget and preferences. You can buy an off-plan unit, or a turn-key property - a fully furnished apartment or villa, or even choose a house, which, with some renovation, can become your dream home. When buying in Cyprus, make sure to choose a house not only on the basis of its interior, but also according to its surroundings - that is, choose what you want, or don’t want to be in the vicinity of your home. Considering the choice of future housing from a broader perspective, one should take into account the required area and its infrastructure, proximity to key amenities for your family (whether it is the sea, the mountains, port or airport, convenient transportation and the availability of parking, business centres or shopping and entertainment centres, schools, educational institutions, etc.), the presence of neighbours or lack thereof.

Apartments in Cyprus - modern comfort by the sea

Exclusive new apartments suggest comfort and luxury. If your lifestyle calls you to live in the centre of the city with easy access to all Cyprus destinations and international airports, then you can choose a luxury apartment or penthouse in an ultra-modern development that is conveniently located in the heart of Limassol, on the beachfront.

Modern apartments in Cyprus are masterpieces of architecture and technology, created without any harm to the environment of the island, where the taste and wishes of each client are taken into account to the smallest detail. Often, apartment owners can decide whether wood or marble will be used in the design of their accommodation. The apartments can have beautiful sea views and the spacious balconies are a great place for a morning coffee or a glass of local wine at sunset. The benefits of the apartment complex's infrastructure are undeniable - residents can access a spa and fitness centre, a restaurant and swimming pool, greenery-framed terraces and secure parking.

Resale exclusive apartments

When opulence and luxury is not a priority, when you are looking for cosiness and want to experience the sophistication and flair of a coastal town, then buying a resale home in Cyprus is the best option for you. You can choose your house or flat in any part of the island you like, and then finish it in your own style. Even the decoration of your holiday home in Cyprus is a pleasure, when a professional team that can take care of every detail, from the colour and pattern of the living room walls to the shape of the mirrors and the brand of sanitary ware, or the furniture in the kitchen, where you can enjoy cooking some of the local. Classic Hellenic design with its endless geometric patterns, arches and columns or elegant simplicity and post-modern minimalism - it's up to you.

Villa in a gated community - a tandem of privacy and service

Currntly this option is becoming increasingly popular, as it perfectly combines the privacy of a private residence with the comfort of a residential complex with its swimming pools, clubs, restaurants, secure parking and bays for private yachts and other top-class services. Plus, all repairs and finishes are usually complete and new residents only have to furnish their home, decorate to their liking and enjoy a barbecue with family, friends or partners in the patio. It can be designed as your own tropical island with an abundance of flowers, sculptures and fountains or even a small waterfall that will fill summer days with a welcome coolness and charm. Learn more about landscaping in Cyprus in this article.

A detached villa - a combination of freedom, comfort and nature

Cyprus classic houses honour the island's architectural traditions and history, while modern cottages are strikingly elegant and daring in their design: plenty of space, air and panoramic views from the huge windows, the interior transitioning into a spacious terrace, where it is so pleasant to stroll or, sitting in a wicker chair, listen to the morning birdsong. Lighting the outdoor fireplace in the evenings can create a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

When buying a villa, you get not only peace and relaxation, but also a residential property, which gives ample space for you to implement your ideas in its design. Huge floor-to-ceiling windows and maximum use of daylight are particularly popular in Cyprus, where the use of marble, tiles or wood in the interior is especially striking, providing not only aesthetic pleasure, but also keeping things cool in the summer heat.


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