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Holidays in Cyprus: TOP 10 interesting ideas for tourists

  • 10.05.2021

Cyprus is quite a diverse island - both those who seek solitude and tranquility, and the ones who are looking for communication, fun, and entertainment will feel equally at home here. Apart from offering comfortable real estate in Limassol, Pafos, Larnaca and other popular cities and villages, this amazing Mediterranean island is also known for its wide range of amenities for a relaxing or fun-filled holiday. So, in Cyprus you can:

  • Dive. Both professionals and beginners can explore the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus. There are many diving centres where you can take training or rent all the necessary The most popular diving spot the shipwreck "Zenobia", which sank near Larnaca. If you have the opportunity to live on the island for a longer time, then it would make sense to go to a certified diving school for a full diving course.
  • Engage in elite sports. Golf, yachting, tennis and horse riding are some of the most popular sports in Cyprus. Any hotel would have a decent tennis court where you can play with friends or send your children to tennis lessons. There are several golf resorts on the island, and they are all luxurious and unique in their layout. The most popular golf course on the island is Minthis. There is a golf academy where this game is taught for any age and any level, as well as luxury residences if you are considering investing in golf properties in Cyprus.
  • Enjoy a quality beach holiday. Most of the beaches in Cyprus are marked with the blue flag of the European Union. This means that relaxing on local beaches is safe and comfortable. There are all the necessary amenities, and the water edge is smooth and shallow.
  • Immerse yourself in history. There are a lot of historical monuments in Cyprus, so this island will be a real find for all antiquity lovers. Recommended to visit – Pafos Archaeological Park, Limassol Castle, the ruins of the ancient city of Amathus, Kourion, as well as the ancient monastery of Kykkos.
  • Go clubbing. For all lovers of nightclubs and discos, Ayia Napa will be an ideal holiday destination in Cyprus. There are countless nightlife venues for every taste and budget. No wonder this place is called the second Ibiza - music plays day and night, and club atmosphere with a variety of drinks reigns even on the beaches.
  • Go on a pilgrimage. Cyprus is an Orthodox country with many ancient churches and monasteries. Almost every city and village, even the smallest ones, have an Orthodox church. Therefore, pilgrimage to Cyprus is a very popular tourist destination among Christians, as well as lovers of Byzantine architecture and history. Therefore, it is absolutely worth visiting St. Neophytos Monastery, the Monastery of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, one of the most ancient monasteries of the island Stavrovouni, Macheras Monastery, the Church of St. Elijah, the Church of St. Lazarus and others. Apart from the churches, the island impresses with its invaluable collection of ancient miraculous icons, among which the main ones are the Miracle-working icon of the Mother of God Macheriotissa and the Kykkos miraculous icon.
  • Try mountain tourism. Everyone knows Cyprus for its beaches and the sea, but the island actually has a magnificent mountain range called Troodos. In winter you can head there for skiing at a full-fledged ski resort and in warm seasons take a beautiful walk on one of the numerous forest paths taking in the smell of pines and herbs, often ending up at a lovely waterfall. On a hot summer day the mountains will give just that much needed freshness and cool breeze that the seaside may lack. By the way, it is in the Troodos mountains that the grapes for legendary Comandaria wine grow. More information about mountainous Cyprus can be found in our article.
  • Head to museums. There are many museums in Cyprus which will be interesting for anyone to visit. For instance, the museums of rural life in Cyprus (there are several of them on the island), the Museum of Water in Limassol, the Historical Museum in Protaras, the Cyprus Museum of Historical and Classic Cars, the Petreon Sculpture Park and the Byzantine Museum in Nicosia might be well worth your attention.
  • Try a variety of water activities both for adults and children. The number of aquatic activities in Cyprus is countless, everyone can choose the most suitable option, or even try a new one every day. The most popular are sailing boat or glass-bottom boat family trips, kayaking, windsurfing, water polo, jet skis, bananas and others. Water activities in Cyprus can also include a visit to water parks with their steep slides and exciting water attractions. There are water parks in almost every big tourist city in Cyprus.
  • Go on one of the popular wine routes. Lovers of exquisite wine flavors will surely enjoy a wine journey through Cyprus. The most popular wine routes are Commandaria, Diarizos Valley, Krasochoria-Limassol, Larnaca Mountain - Nicosia, Vouni Panagias - Ambelitis. During one of the wine tours you can taste fine wines, visit large and small wineries, as well as, if you wish, take part in harvesting the grapes and watch the process of wine production. And, of course, buy a bottle of your favorite wine as a souvenir. Find out what else you can bring from Cyprus for friends and family in our article.

When going to the Mediterranean island of love and sun, just take a good mood with you, and Cyprus will leave beautiful memories in your heart.

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