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Petra tou Romiou: the past and the present of the Rock of Aphrodite

  • 18.03.2022

Cyprus is a unique island of beauty. Everything is beautiful here - the beaches, the nature, the sea, the people, the properties. Cyprus enriches your heart by telling incredible stories of past centuries.

Petra tou Romiou or the Rock of Aphrodite is one of the island’s most famous sightseeing spots, surrounded by many mysteries and legends. According to myths, this is where Aphrodite, the goddess of love, lived, although today it is less about legends and more about the extraordinary beauty of its scenery. And so, when holidaying in Pafos or Limassol, a visit to Aphrodite's beach is a must. In this article we will tell you about Petra tou Romiou, how to get there and what you can find in the vicinity of this unique place.

The Rock of Aphrodite - a place shrouded in legends

Petra tou Romiou is indeed considered to be the place where Aphrodite first appeared from the foam of the sea. This is the reason why, today, young girls come to the Rock of Aphrodite to swim in the sea for eternal beauty and attractiveness. There is a quite modern belief that if a couple bathes next to the rock they will live in peace and harmony for the rest of their lives.

But there are other stories about the rock of Aphrodite. One legend says that in ancient times, the Roman defender of the island, Digenis Acrita, threw a huge stone from the shore into the sea to scare off the Saracen attackers, which is why this stone is now called Petra tou Romiou ("the stone of the Roman"). According to another legend, the Achaeans disembarked on the beach when they were returning from Troy. For this reason, it is said that if men swim in the area, they can gain the strength of the invincible ancient warriors.

What to do at Petra tou Romiou beach?

The beach near the rock of Aphrodite has preserved its original, iconic look and there are no sun loungers or parasols. There is no sand on the beach either, only stones and pebbles that pave the seabed as well. For this reason, the beach is rarely visited by tourists with small children, as they can hurt their feet while going in the water. Moreover, the descent here is quite steep and the sea is deep.

Another peculiarity of the beach is the strong waves that appear here quite often. They are nice to swim in, but dangerous for those who are not confident. The beach is surrounded by picturesque rocks, so nearly every day you can spot a wedding or a photographer and a few models.

Like all other beaches in Pafos, Petra tou Romiou has good amenities and facilities:

  • Cafe is located right in front of the beach. Here you can have a full meal while admiring the sea views and the rocks, or enjoy a nice cool drink. The cuisine in the cafe is local and unpretentious - a must for every traveller.
  • Souvenir shops offer a wide range of souvenirs at reasonable prices - anyone can find an interesting memento of the place.
  • Car park is located next to the cafe.
  • Showers. After a dip in the sea you can rinse yourself with cool fresh water.

 If you're heading to the Rock of Aphrodite, you should plan for a full day and plenty of food and fresh water. You should wear trainers or sturdy sandals on your feet. A camera is an essential part of your backpack, as the views in the area are stunning! Experienced backpackers recommend arriving here from early morning and staying until late afternoon to admire the incredible sunsets.

Petra tou Romiou: How to get there from different resorts in Cyprus

Getting to Aphrodite's Rock is not difficult, as Cyprus is a rather small island. The easiest way to do this is from the city of Pafos. You can get there by bus or by car:

  • By bus. Pafos is divided into two areas - Kato Pafos and Pano Pafos. To get to your destination you need to take public transport to Kato Pafos, which is the coastal area of the town, to the "Harbour" stop. Change to bus no. 631 and get off at the "Petra tou Romiou" stop.
  • By car. Head in the direction of Limassol on highway B6 and do not miss the A1 exit. You need to get as far as Kouklia village, which is marked with a sign "Kouklia". In order to get to the final destination Petra tou Romiou, one should follow the information boards showing the location of the rock. The car can be parked at the café across the road from the beach. For your convenience, there is a passage under the road that leads directly to the sea.

Tourists holidaying in Limassol also often visit Petra tou Romiou. The hotel will tell you how to get there by public transport from Limassol. But the easiest way to get there is by your own (or rented) car. Head in the direction of Pafos and exit at Pissouri village (signposted "Pissouri") and take the B6 road. Again look for the village of Kouklia.


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