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Popular Cyprus nightclubs for a fun night out

  • 29.08.2022

Life in Cyprus doesn't stop after the sun goes down, but moves from the beaches and shopping malls to the bars and nightclubs. The best clubs in Cyprus are concentrated in the largest cities and towns of the island - Ayia Napa, Limassol, Pafos and Nicosia. Not only they offer good music, but also give a chance to taste a variety of cocktails, enjoy an interesting entertainment program or even participate in it. In this article we will highlight a few most famous nightclubs in Cyprus so that every tourist can choose the best place for a night out.

Castle Club in Ayia Napa

Castle club is considered to be the most popular in Cyprus. With its creative approach to partying, it has been on the list of the best clubbing establishments in the world for over 20 years!

The club, with interiors resembling a medieval castle, celebrates major events and festivities in Cyprus. Also every day you can

  • enjoy drinks from the best bartenders at the club’s 14 bars;
  • dance to the music of different DJs in 3 DJ's lounges;
  • admire the beauty of Cyprus in the biggest outdoor leisure area in town;
  • visit an intimate VIP lounge located on a hill.

Bedrock Inn Club in Ayia Napa

The Bedrock Inn Club features a Flintstones cartoon inspired style, and not only in the interior design, but also the staff outfits, who all wear animal skins. Like most nightclubs in Cyprus, Bedrock Inn offers visitors

  • interesting signature cocktails - the cocktail list numbers over 40 varieties;
  • karaoke with over 4,000 songs to choose from;
  • good quality sound on the dance floor.

River Reggae in Ayia Napa

Most visitors to the island of Cyprus want a relaxing holiday by the sea. Clubs on the island are trying to give tourists more of a chance to enjoy the sea, and so they locate dance floors as close to the beach as possible. River Reggae is one of such clubs.

This is the place to be for anyone who loves slower paced life with reggae music and who does not relish crowds, preferring to enjoy a night swim in the pool. The chilled atmosphere of the club makes you want to buy a home in Cyprus and stay in this paradise forever.

Guaba Beach Bar in Limassol

Guaba Beach Bar started as a small bar by the sea. As time went by, it became so popular that it needed relocation and expansion. Today Guaba is one of the best clubs in Cyprus, not just in Limassol.

Guaba Beach Bar can accommodate up to 2,500 visitors and is famous for the free parties that take place almost every Sunday. Although admission is free, inside you are up for a treat of a good music and dance to the tracks of the best DJs.

Breeze Summer Club in Limassol

The Breeze Summer is a unique club that combines a bar, a seaside summer terrace and an indoor clubhouse. This makes it the perfect venue for year-round recreation. It is the only club in Limassol with its own private beach.

Although on the island of Cyprus clubs are not usually of a large scale, the Breeze Summer club has a capacity of 1.5 thousand visitors. People flock in for parties with famous DJs. Having your own house in Limassol is a great way to keep up with the music events in town.

Notos Bar in Pafos

Every nightclub in Cyprus is different, but the Notos Bar is one of the most original. Every day there is a different kind of nightlife experience, from top DJ sets to Latin and ethnic music. Apart from just dancing and sipping cocktails, the club offers:

  • pool tables
  • darts
  • cards
  • backgammon

Zoo Club in Nicosia

The Zoo Club is another unique place on the island of Cyprus. The club is divided into two floors: the first is the Lounge Bar where you can walk barefoot on the grass lawn and admire the views; the second floor is the club itself. One of the peculiarities of the place is that it is open only until 3:00 am.

Mo Lounge Bar in Nicosia

Mo Lounge Bar is a great place to hang out with friends. You can enjoy the music, chill and chat on the cushioned sofas and sample delicious drinks in a relaxing atmosphere. The club is set in a square that can be viewed from the wide panoramic windows. The Mo Lounge Bar is worth a visit, even in winter, as it retains a carefree atmosphere all year round.

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