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Shopping and sales in Cyprus

  • 05.08.2021

Cozy beaches, warm sea, beautiful cities, multiple attractions and rich cultural life of Cyprus – these are just a few reasons why tourists come to this Mediterranean island. Cyprus airports receive hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. But there is one more side of the island that will surely please all visitors - Cyprus is a great shopping destination. And this is not surprising, because historically the island has always been a large trading and shipping centre. These days you can find luxury boutiques and shopping centres in every city.

Which cities in Cyprus should a shopaholic visit?

  • Limassol. In this article, you can read about how to choose a resort for your holiday in Cyprus. The cosmopolitan Mediterranean city is home to a huge number of modern shopping centers with an excellent range of goods. Boutiques in Limassol are mainly located on Anexartisias Street. Agios Andreas Street with many small, cozy shops is also worth a visit is. Besides a series of fashion boutiques is soon to open in new Limassol high-rise projects, many of which are already close to completion. What can be better than a leisurely stroll by the sea, a refreshing cocktail in a trendy bar and a shopping spree in a luxury boutique? How lucky are those owners of properties in Limassol to have it all right there, at close hand!
  • Nicosia. The capital will not only delight with many attractions and comfortable real estate but also surprise with a variety of shops. Shoe shops are offering high quality and elegant footwear while retail shops cater for those who love to hunt for fashionable outfits. The capital is also home to such giants as IKEA, Leroy Merlin, The Mall of Cyprus, one of the largest in Cyprus, and many other commercial centres. A new 2000 sq.m. shopping venue is soon to open its doors to public in Nicosia’s suburb – Neo Plaza discount village, the first of its kind in Cyprus, is destined to become a bargain hunters’ paradise.
  • Larnaca. In this city, shopaholics hang out on Zenonos Kitios Street, which is packed with all kinds of shops. It is also worth noting that the city has excellent fruit and vegetable markets. Another shopping point is the international airport in Larnaca, where duty-free shops offer jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes at competitive prices.
  • Pafos. Do you love them brands? Then you should definitely visit Pafos. The Kings Avenue Mall in Pafos is home to a wide range of brand name stores. And what is important, the prices for famous brands items will be much lower than in other European countries.

Cyprus Shopping Secrets

To make shopping in Cyprus as enjoyable as possible, it is worth knowing some of the tricks. As in any other country, Cyprus has its own shopping peculiarities, which would be good to know:

  • Many shops with quality branded clothing items are located off the coast, outside the popular tourist routes. For example, the best shops in Limassol and other cities are located in the central, relatively tourist-free streets.
  • In some leather goods shops you can bargain. Don't be afraid to ask for a discount - there is a good chance you may get one.
  • When purchasing items worth over 50 Euros, make sure to take a tax-free receipt from the store, this will allow you to return 15% of the purchase later.
  • Most stores will accept credit cards. However, some retail outlets may accept cards only for large amounts, preferring anything under 20 euros in cash.
  • When going shopping in Cyprus, plan your time and day well. Most of the shops on the island are closed on Sundays, and on Wednesdays and Saturdays they have a short day. Also, some boutiques may close for lunch break.

When to bargain on sales in Cyprus?

• At least twice a year the shops of the Mediterranean island announce generous sales. August and February of each year are traditionally the months of discounts. To be more precise, each of these discount periods lasts 45 days.
• Winter sales in Cyprus begin on the first Monday in February and end in 45 days, the summer discount season usually begins on July 16 and also lasts a month and a half. In addition, there are shorter periods of sales before major holidays, like Christmas, New Year and Easter.
• Sales in Cyprus are truly generous. During the sales period, branded clothing, high-quality footwear, equipment and furniture can be bought from 50 to 70% cheaper. If the shop window says Sales, do not hesitate - all products here are definitely on sale at a discount.
Thus, knowing the peculiarities of shopping in Cyprus, the seasons of discounts and the specifics of the shops, you can guarantee yourself an excellent shopping spree on the island! And we, on the other hand, will help you to profitably invest in modern real estate in Limassol, Pafos, Nicosia and other locations of the island. Contact us!

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