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Wine Routes in Cyprus

  • 05.09.2022

The mild warm climate of the island of Cyprus is ideal for growing grapes and producing amazing wine. It is here that winemakers create the legendary Commandaria wine, described by King Richard the Lionheart as "the wine of kings" and "the wine of all wines". It is no wonder that the wineries of Cyprus attract visitors from all over the world. Wine tasting in Cyprus takes place all year round and it is well worth setting off on one of the island's wine routes to savour a variety of flavours.

Cyprus Wine Tour: Commandaria

The itinerary starts from the city of Limassol

Covering 14 villages, the wine route enables you to explore the history and see the complete production process of the legendary Cyprus Commandaria to understand and appreciate the wine making technology. The main point of this wine tour is a small village of Kolossi, once called the Great Commandaria. It was here that the famous wine was first produced, and it is the place that gave it its name to the wine.

Comandaria is a unique wine, produced only in Cyprus. This is due to the fact that it uses local grape varieties, which didn’t managed to take roots anywhere else but on Cypriot soil. The grapes, red and white, are collected from the Mavro and Xinisteri vineyards after full maturity and left to dry in the soft sunshine before being pressed. This little trick produces the full-bodied flavour of the sweet dessert wine.

The wineries of Cyprus, which cover the Commandaria route, continue to produce wine according to ancient techniques that have been preserved since ancient times. Many winemakers still use hand presses and the grape juice is sent to ferment in huge clay vessels.

There are several reasons to try the Comandaria route:

  • The wine tour includes tasting some of the best wines in Cyprus in 4 wineries.
  • The itinerary includes a visit to Lania village, home to an old and renovated wine press, the medieval castle of Kolossi and the island's largest dam, Kouris.
  • The entire tour takes in the mountains and villages that are 500-900m above sea level. Here one can see the unique flora and fauna of Cyprus, stroll through the huge vineyards and take part in harvesting grapes.

Cyprus Wine Tour: Diarizos Valley

Starts from Pafos

The picturesque Diarizos River flows to the east of Pafos and the valley is lined with vineyards and vast plantations. The Diarizos Valley Wine Route includes 14 villages and two of Cyprus' most celebrated wineries:

  • See the unique natural beauty of Cyprus.
  • Taste the 18 varieties of grapes that grow in the Diarizos Valley, including the legendary red Mavro, used in many Cyprus wines
  • Taste and buy some of the best wines of Cyprus.

Cyprus Wine Tour: Krasochoria-Limassol

Starting in Limassol

This is by far the most scenic wine tour of Cyprus as it includes visits to 20 villages and (!) 16 wineries. Apart from the opportunity to admire the unique landscapes of the island and listen to interesting stories about its history, tourists can taste over 20 wines including:

  • Grenache
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Xinisteri
  • Mataro
  • Sirach

The villages included in the wine tour are particularly noteworthy. Here you can still find old stone cottages clustered in the narrow winding streets and local tavern with delicious homemade authentic food. Some visitors get so smitten by this authentic village charm, that they start considering investing in property in Cyprus and buying their own private home to live permanently at a relaxed pace.

Cyprus Wine Tour: Larnaca Highlands - Nicosia

The route starts from Nicosia

If you are interested not only in tasting Cyprus wines, but also to get an in-depth study of the ancient and modern processes of wine production, you should go on a tour of the mountains of Larnaca and Nicosia. Incidentally, it is in these two cities that affordable investment property in Cyprus attracts a large number of foreigners. The wine tour itinerary includes visits to:

  • 10 villages where the region's largest vineyards are located;
  • 3 wineries;
  • Museum of Winegrowing Art;
  • The village of Lefkara renowned for its lacemaking, embroidery and silver jewellery;
  • Ficardou village with the oldest wine press on the island.

Endless tastings of many different types of Cypriot wine await the visitor.

Cyprus Wine Tour: Vouni Panagias - Ambelitis

Itinerary starts from Pafos

This Cyprus wine tour introduces the best wines produced from the local white grape variety called Xinisteri and the red grape Marateftiko. The grapes, which grow at an altitude of 800 metres above sea level, produce wines with flavours of apricot, peach, apple and even violet. In general, the itinerary includes exploring and tasting 27 types of grapes and almost as many wines.


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