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How to choose a property in Cyprus: tips and advice for investors

  • 24.09.2021

Each year the Mediterranean island of Cyprus is gaining more popularity, not only as a tourist destination, but also as a place for comfortable living throughout the year. It offers a mild climate, delicious healthy food, lovely people, unique sights and plenty of sunshine. If you decided to choose and buy a property in Cyprus, then it would be good to know how to do it as quick and hassle free as possible, so that the paperwork, the legal procedures and the subsequent move can only bring excitement and joy.

How to choose a property in Cyprus: property types

First of all, it is worth deciding on the type of real estate that you want. There are two main types of residential properties in Cyprus - apartments and houses.

  • Apartments in Cyprus normally have a fairly large covered areas, kitchens, living and dining room, mostly open plan, and several bedrooms, often with ensuite bathroom and toilet. Another popular type of apartments is duplex or multi-level, when one apartment occupies several floors. If the apartment is on the top floor, then it is normally called a penthouse. Apartments are suitable for young people and require minimal effort and maintenance costs from their owner. Most often, apartment complexes in Cyprus are located in city centres with business centers and shopping and entertainment complexes close by.
  • When it comes to houses in Cyprus, there are several basic types on the island, namely villas, bungalows, townhouses and maisonettes. The most expensive option is a villa - a full-fledged private house, usually located away from noisy cities and highways, equipped with everything necessary for a long stay for all family members. Villas in Cyprus are often built within gated complexes with all the necessary amenities and are ideal for big families with children. Townhouses normally belong to a big complex comprising several housings, with its own yard, garden, swimming pool, parking etc. A townhouse is a great budget-friendly option for a family. Maisonettes are smaller, multi-level houses in blocks for a few families. They are significantly smaller than townhouses, but can also be an excellent choice for a family. The bungalow is a small country house that can be a good summer cottage for family vacations. Most often, bungalows are located in the countryside.

Choosing a property in Cyprus: location

When choosing a property in Cyprus, you should first of all visit the main cities of the island - Limassol, Pafos, Protaras, Ayia Napa, Polis and Larnaca. After that, make your choice – which one you liked the most and then choose the property in the city or its suburb. Remember that there are two international airports in Cyprus - in Pafos and Larnaca, so if you are planning frequent flights, it makes sense to look at real estate in these areas. One way or another, Cyprus is a small island, and getting around it by car will not be difficult.

  • It is worth noting that the value of real estate in Cyprus depends not so much on the type of property as on the proximity to the sea. The most expensive properties on the island are on the first line, that is, located directly on the coastline. Windows, balconies and terraces in apartments and houses of the first line offer incredible views that residents and guests can enjoy every day! Sounds like a dream house, right? Yes, living on the seaside is really prestigious and luxurious, but do not forget about the humidity and high concentration of salts in the air - before moving to the Mediterranean coast, you need to consult with your family doctor to make sure the humidity in the place of residence will not harm the health of your family members.
  • We also recommend that you pay attention to property’s position relative to the sun - whether the building is under the sun all day or there are periods of cool shade. In the future this fact will help to significantly save on air conditioning. As for heating, solar panels or underfloor heating are increasingly being installed in new buildings in Cyprus, which is a big advantage in the cold season. Read about winters in Cyprus in our article.

Documents and paperwork for property in Cyprus

The best is to buy new properties from the island's leading developers. The specialists of Cyprus Sotheby’s International Realty accompany the client at all stages - from property selection to paperwork procedures at the highest professional level, so there can be no problems when buying.

If you look for a resale property, you should definitely check the necessary documents with lawyers. Don’t rush to chase a hot offer - the reduced cost may hide illegal construction, poor technical condition of the unit or non-compliance of the building with technical standards, as well as hidden mortgages and much more. When choosing a lawyer to review all documents for the purchased property, it is important that the specialist has not only real estate related legal knowledge, but is also aware of the peculiarities of Cyprus land legislation, which has a lot of nuances and pitfalls. It should be noted that the Cyprus resale property presented on our website does not have any financial, legal or technical issues - we work only with the best properties on the island in each category of real estate.

Choose your place on the Mediterranean island and feel a new taste of life in Cyprus!


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