Limassol is the business capital of Cyprus and the city of skyscrapers. It is in Limassol that people mostly buy modern apartments in Cyprus. During the centuries of its existence, the city experienced many falls and tough times, but it always came back to life with renewed vigour. The history of Limassol goes hand in hand with the history of Cyprus as a whole - Limassol was once an independent Greek city-state, then in turn fell under the rule of the Romans, Crusaders, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans and British. All this is reflected not only in the cultural atmosphere of the city, but also left its mark in its architectural features. Today anyone can choose and buy an apartment in Limassol - the city offers plenty of options for any lifestyle - elite penthouses with a rooftop terrace and pool, small studios for students in the heart of the city, 3-bedroom apartments in a comfortable gated complex for the whole family and other types of properties in Limassol.

Limassol real estate: Life style and investment benefits

  • The city is famous for its cosmopolitan way of life – here the social life is bustling both on sun-soaked days and star studded nights;
  • European high level education, including English curriculum schools;
  • Limassol has a rich infrastructure - huge business centres, shopping and entertainment complexes, shopping malls, modern medical centres and much more;
  • The real estate in Limassol is represented by luxury villas and a wide variety of apartments. Limassol has the biggest number of the luxury penthouses in Cyprus;
  • Rich cultural life with a wide variety of events (the most popular being the Limassol Carnival);
  • The amazing Limassol promenade, which runs along the entire city and is an ideal place for walking or jogging in any season;

It should be noted that apartments in Limassol make up one of the most expensive real estate markets in Cyprus. Being the business center of Cyprus, apart from residential skyscrapers and complexes Limassol also offers some massive world famous office centers.

Whatever you are looking for – a good investment property with high ROI or an apartment in Limassol for family vacations, we will help you choose the best option.