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Whether for reasons of affordability, location or amenities, if you choose to buy an apartment in Cyprus, it can be a perfect home or investment asset for you.
To start with, many residential complexes in Cyprus, especially in seaside towns and suburbs, will have a communal swimming pool, a playground, a gym and other amenities to enjoy, while some of the modern luxury towers and apartment complexes in Cyprus would take that to a whole new level and offer restaurants, spa, boutiques, concierge services and more.
Additional safety would be another factor to consider when choosing an apartment in Cyprus. Most recently built complexes have either a gated entrance, or a guard, or video surveillance, or a combination of a few, plus, a neighbor’s watchful eye is always an extra help.
With a very few exceptions, Cyprus apartments are open plan, which means spacious, airy layouts combining the kitchen area with living and dining rooms. Balconies are normally large, to allow the residents to enjoy the views and the outdoor Mediterranean lifestyle, as well as give an extra storage space if that is needed. Having said that, most apartment blocks in Cyprus would have an allocated storage on the ground floor for each apartment. Parking is never an issue, as each flat will have at least one free parking lot on the ground floor or underground level.
Apartment rental market is Cyprus is always active, so your investment will always bring you good return if you don’t plan to live there yourself.

With such a vast variety of options available on the market, there is sure to be your perfect apartment in Cyprus. We would be happy to help you find it!


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